SanDisk’s SMART Storage Systems CloudSpeed 1000 and 1000E Server Grade SSD Review


As with all of our tests, the following tests were performed after a secure erase of the drive. The drive was also conditioned with a predefined workload until it reached steady state.  We also test across the entire span of the drive.


Sequential operations were an area we were concerned about, especially when compared to the Intel SSDs. For write operations, the 1000E held its own against the more aggressively specified S3500. Read operations lined up well with the spec sheet, with the 1000E easily hitting 450MB/s.  One thing that we noticed throughout our testing is that the 1000E did really well at low queue depths.  At queue depths of 1 and 2, the 1000E bested the Intel SSDs by a solid margin.



Up until this point, the 1000E and the S3500 have put up comparable numbers.  Random 4KB operations is where the 1000E pushes itself into the same class as the Intel S3700.  With 30k IOPS available, the 1000E stays right with the S3700 across all queue depths, easily blowing the S3500 out of the water.  The 1000E also takes the crown with random reads, with a slight edge over the Intel SSDs.


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    Why is it that “Enterprise” SSDs do not have SAS interface?
    Without SAS “Enterprise” devices should really be called “Prosumer”.

    • blank

      That’s a heck of a jump considering the large number of enterprise systems that utilize the SATA interface. I am not aware of many prosumer sales for a product such as this, however sales of the original 500 version would have justified the initial investment for development of the drives.

      One step at a time…

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    At SNIA’s IOPS test, which QD did u used for the test? 4? 16? 32?? 128???

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    Very slowly recognition In Lenova T61, difficult to use it, Have you any idea about this problem ?

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    How did you do secure erase? I had one, but got failure message for secure erase. thanks. I can do secure erase for other drive including some Datacenter drives. thanks.

    • blank

      You need to put the computer to sleep and then wake it up, otherwise its stuck in freeze state.

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        But if frozen, I get the message that the drive is frozen. But this case, I just got : secure erase not completed successfully. I checked this drive by Intel RST, but not frozen status actually. Any advice will be great for me.

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