Micron RealSSD P400m Enterprise SSD Review – Great Consistency and Endurance


With the latest generation of enterprise SSDs, companies are focusing on more than just raw speed and throughput. Factors such as data integrity and performance consistency are now headlining features. Highly integrated companies, such as Micron, are in a great position to innovate. The P400m is proof of that.

P400m Case

In terms of Micron’s enterprise product family, the P400m makes an immediate impact. Its flexibility will allow it to enter markets where the outgoing RealSSD P300 and entry-level RealSSD P400e could not compete. The P400m is able to hold its own against the best enterprise drives on the market

Micron’s high endurance MLC NAND and custom controller firmware are the defining features of the P400m. These features combine to make the P400m excel at write endurance and performance consistency. When you add in the protection of XPERT, you have a drive that you can trust in even the most demanding of environments.

You may have noticed that we have not mentioned pricing. For the P400m, Micron, as they do with most enterprise products, does not have an official MSRP that we can quote. Micron typically works with their network of distributors and OEMs, where prices are based on volumes. With that said, expect to see the P400m between $2-3/GB. This puts it in line with Intel, if not slightly more expensive.

If Micron had been released the P400m 2 month earlier, we would have awarded it our Editor’s Choice award without reservation.

The problem is that the Intel SSD DC S3700 is a better drive. Sequential reads, sequential writes, random reads, random writes, server profiles, performance consistency, almost every objective test that we ran showed anywhere from a clear to dominant advantage for Intel.

The real question is whether Micron needs to top Intel and the rest of the industry at every turn? The answer is probably no. Micron was able to release a very competitive and competent product that will reward all but the most demanding of customers. Along the way they have introduced a lot of new features that will hopefully make their way into other enterprise products.


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