Micron RealSSD P400m Enterprise SSD Review – Great Consistency and Endurance


As with all of our tests, the following tests were performed after a secure erase of the drive. The drive was also conditioned with a predefined workload until it reached steady state.  We also test across the entire span of the drive.

P400m Seq Write

P400m Seq Read

The P400m performed well in our sequential tests. It outperformed its specifications on both reads and writes. We were able to achieve over 420MB/s on reads and almost 330MB/s on writes. For Micron, this is a huge improvement over the RealSSD P400e and P300.

P400m 4K Write

P400m 4K Read

The P400m once again performed well, though not spectacular, with random 4KB workloads. With 54,000 read IOPS and 27,000 write IOPS, it easily outclasses its RealSSD cousins.

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