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is a technology nut and Founder of The SSD Review. His early work includes the first consumer SSD review along with MS Vista, Win 7 and SSD Optimization Guides. Les is fortunate to, not only evaluate and provide opinion on consumer and enterprise solid state storage but also, travel the world in search of new technologies and great friendships. Google+

OCZ OCZ Vertex 3 240GB SATA 3 SSD Review – Initial Benchmarks

CRYSTAL DISKINFO VER 3.10.0 ATTO DISK BENCHMARK VER.2.46 As we can see with ATTO results of 552MB/s read and 500MB/s write for high sequential disk transfer performance, specifications are pretty much bang on the money.  ATTO is the best program for testing if one is trying to confirm that their new SSD is in line with manufacturers specifications. CRYSTAL DISKMARK …

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OCZ Vertex 3 240GB SATA 3 SSD Review – Conclusions

CONCLUSIONS Our opening line in this article was a definition of Goliath as being of colossal power or achievement and, as fitting as it is for this drive with respect to power, the exact same thing can be said of SandForce, a company that wasn’t even known two years ago. To both OCZ and SandForce, this release of the client …

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OCZ Vertex 3 240GB SATA 3 SSD Review – HDTune Pro Benchmark

HDTune is a great software program which covers all areas of our testing and does a great job of showing how capable this drive truly is. HDTUNE PRO VER. 4.60 BENCHMARK HDTUNE PRO VER. 4.60 FILE BENCH HDTUNE PRO VER. 4.60 RANDOM ACCESS HDTUNE PRO VER. 4.60 EXTRAS PG1 – INTRODUCTION & SPECIFICATIONS PG2 – BENCH CONFIGURATION AND TESTING PROTOCOL …

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February 22, 2011, Woodstock, IL Other World Computing (OWC®) https://www.macsales.com, a leading zero emissions Mac® and PC technology company, announced today the OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 hardware RAID storage drive with massive 12TB of storage/backup in a desktop-sized brushed aluminum enclosure. Featuring four 3TB high performance hard drives in four hot swappable drive bays, the Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 …

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