The SSD Review Computex Taipei 2011 Ultimate Booth Babe Collection

The one thing that Computex is not short of is attractive women to draw buyers in to look at the …  products?

These beautiful women could be found in just about every booth and all reveled at the opportunity to have their picture taken with company products or Computex visitors.

This is our choice as to the best of Computex Taipei 2011.

Enjoy these and stay tuned within the next few days as we post one of the internets only Computex Taipei 2011 Booth Babe Video Collection! Who knows? Depending on the popularity we may even have Part 2 to follow this!

[nggallery id=9]

If you would believe it, our absolute favorite is not even of Asian descent!  Be quiet k? Oh… A quick click on the photo will enlarge it to full size.



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