The SSD Review Computex Taipei Update: OCZ Reaches 1 Million IOPS in SSD Demo At Computex Taipei!

I guess if you wanted to catch everyone’s attention at a place like Computex Taipei, displaying any product pushing in excess of 1 million IOPS would do it now wouldn’t it?

Our official Computex visit started off with a meeting with Alex Mei, CMO, and Jessica Lucan, Global Marketing Director of OCZ Technology, and have we got some toys to talk about with you.  If there is anything tht OCZ is not short on with respect to technology, that is innovation.  Don’t believe us?  Read on and brace yourself!

Z Drive R4 88

To start things off, Jessica showed us Z Drive technology in a RAID configuration which pushed out a blistering 1064618 IOPS to get things going.  The card, as a stand alone, uses SandForces 2582 controller and can push out speeds of 2.9GB read and 2.7GB write with 350,000 IOPS at 4k random write.

For those with expensive tastes, these come in both the C series which climbs from a base 480GB to 3.84TB and the R Series which spans 800GB to3.TB.  These are both PCIe Gen 2 x 8 cards and are available in full or 3/4 form factor.

RevoDrive 3 x2 and Rev0 3

The Revo x3 is something that we have discussed with OCZ since the first day SandForce announced the release of the SF-2000 series processors.  This drive, quite frankly, is going to be the bread and butter of computer enthusiasts who are looking for the absolute top speeds one can find in a single form factor srorage design.

blankThe Revo 3 x2 contains 4 x SandForce SF2000 processors and is capable of 1.5GB/s read and 1.2GB/s write with 200,000 IOPS at 4k random just from a single plug into your PCIe slot.  This drive will be available from 240 to 960GB with prices estimated at $699 US for the 240GB version.

For those who don’t quite need the speed, there is also the Revo 3 which is capable of 900MB/s read and 700MB/s write with 120,000 IOPS at 4k random.  This PCIe SSD will be available in capacities of 120-240GB with the 240GB being estimated at $599.

VCA Technology

Did we mention that the Z-Drive and Revo Drives are also now TRIM capable???  Absolutely!!  OCZ is now implementing the benefits of VCA (Virtualized Controller Architecture) Technology which, not only enables TRIM in both drives, but also, enhances each with enterprise features to include SMART monitoring, NCQ, TCQ, power failure management as well as wear-leveling.

RevoDrive Hybrid

OCZ has also decided to dabble in the SSD/HDD cache mix and are now introducing the Revo Hybrid which is capable of 575MB/s read and 500MB/s write with 30,ooo IOPS at 4K random.  The sample shown contained a 1TB storage hard drive and the consumer release will be available in 240-960 capacities with pricing estimated at $699US for a 240GB setup.


I will throw in two other enterprise products with specs before I go and leave you with a bit of a prediction.  The first is o the VeloDrive but the second is the first I have seen of a mSATA design from OCZ.  I don’t want to sound like a faith healer selling snake oil but I have no doubt that in the very near future we will be seeing mSATA 6Gbps entered into the consumer notebook fray.

blankblankThe Deneva 2 mSATA is capable of 275MB/s and 250MB/s read and write which would make it the absolute fastest mSATA on the block but don’t hold your breath yet.  We snuck behind the scenes into the SandForce suite to catch a glimpse of their mSATA 6Gbps reference design.  When we asked if OCZ had sunk their teeth into it just yet the room became very quite eheheh.

Anyway…back to the floor and promise to be back soon!  Heres a pik of Jessica, myself, Karen and Alex at OCZ.




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    the x3 RANGE! looks awesome! I was expecting a new iteration, now theres a whole family. I really don’t believe in hybrids (you either use an ssd or hdd, dont neuter the ssd) but all 3 models look awesome!

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