The SSD Review Computex Taipei Update: Memoright Introduces 800GB SSD and Their Own Controller

One of our particular highlights of coming to Computex was the opportunity to finally meet some long time friends, the first being Charles Chou of Memoright.  Our relationship with Memoright goes back almost to day one of SSDs as we know them.

As great as it was to finally meet Charles, we were very impressed with, not only their product line but also, their ingenuity in displaying their upcoming releases.  Memoright is set to introduce not only an updated product line with larger capacities, but also, their SSDs with their own controller.

If I can, lets take you for a walk around the Memoright booth just as we were toured in the Computex fashion.  We can start right off with our introduction to the Memoright Product Reps.

Back to business…  The SSD shown in our featured shot (that’s the top left one) is Memorights most exciting release to date as it contains their own SATA 2 controller, capable of parallel 220MB/s read and write speeds, and it will be available in mind boggling capacities up to 800GB.  Any chance for a quick review sample Charles?

Not shown here but also a part of their selection is the new ‘SandForce Driven’ FTM Plus SATA 3 SSDs capable of 520MB/s read and 500MB/s write with 55000 IOPS.  This is going to be a great move for Memoright but don’t hold your breath yet as we will see other introductions of mSATA and other SSDs in the near future.  It seems the common thread with manufacturers this years was to have as large of a SSD form factor selection as possible for both enterprise and consumer needs.


As delighted as we were with the company kept and product selection for our Memoright tour, we have to pass on full compliments for the unique display which definitely highlighted the quality and durability of their SSDs.


Not only did we see them in action while being given a run in Memorights own twist of a paint shaking machine, but also, we saw their SSDs perform in tempertures ranging from -29 degC to 80 degC.

blankAll in all, our time spent with Charles and the Team has been a long time coming and our visit to the Memoright booth was well worth our 15 hours flight time alone.  Say goodbye girls!



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