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Christopher Ryan

Hynix Acquires Link_A_Media Devices

Korean semiconductor fabricator SK Hynix has announced a deal to acquire California’s Link_A_Media Devices. Hynix manufactures NAND flash memory for SSDs and mobile applications in addition to other memory and semiconductor products. Hynix is the second largest memory products manufacturer by revenue behind fellow Korean firm Samsung. Back at Computex, Corsair announced announced a new line of high performance SATA III …

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LAMD Announces Availability of LM87800 6Gbps SATA Controller To SSD Manufacturers

Originally unveiled as the exclusive of Corsair, Link A Media issued a Press Release today opening up business to other potential SSD companies.  First seen in the Corsair Neutron SSD at Computex, the LM87800 6Gbps SATA controller just may be seen upcoming SSDs. Touting features designed to help get new LAMD powered drives to market quickly, the LM87800 could help …

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RunCore Announces New MacBook Air Compatible SSDs

RunCore’s latest offerings are of a slightly different nature. As of late, the Chinese firm has been focusing more on ruggedized SSDs for demanding applications like military deployment. Their new Rocket Air SSD goes in a different direction. Compatible with Mid-2011 MacBook Air laptops, the new RunCore is a “bubblegum” or “blade” style SSD. RunCore’s Rocket utilizes a mini-PCIe style …

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LSI Extends PCIe Flash-Caching to EMC and Cisco Blade Products

LSI has put together a little something for the Cisco servers of the world. Leveraging EMC VFCache caching software and LSI’s Nytro WarpDrive PCIe solutions, LSI intends to extend PCIe SSD caching to EMC’s storage systems attached to Cisco’s Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers. The goal is to reduce latency and service times in storage transactions coming from EMC’s storage …

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Pure Storage Shows that Enterprise Flash Can Actually Be Funny

Pure Storage is known for their all flash enterprise storage arrays, but it also looks like they have a talent for getting the gist across with a hilarious video on YouTube. Their ‘You Know You Want Flash, Right?’ video is more comedy than informative, but it’s certainly worth a watch for people who dig flash in all it’s glory. Their YouTube …

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New SanDisk Extreme SSD Firmware Fixes TRIM

We took a look at the SanDisk Extreme a few months ago, and found it to be one of the fastest drives on the market, combining the tried-and-true SandForce 2281 with Toshiba’s 24nm Toggle NAND. A new FW update for the Extreme promises to fix TRIM for the drive. When being used in IDE mode the TRIM command would not …

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