LAMD Announces Availability of LM87800 6Gbps SATA Controller To SSD Manufacturers

Originally unveiled as the exclusive of Corsair, Link A Media issued a Press Release today opening up business to other potential SSD companies.  First seen in the Corsair Neutron SSD at Computex, the LM87800 6Gbps SATA controller just may be seen upcoming SSDs.

Touting features designed to help get new LAMD powered drives to market quickly, the LM87800 could help to diversify a growing consumer controller market, one which is currently locked in a SandForce vs. Marvell duopoly.

LAMD is selling the processor as a “turn key” solution, with reference PCB designs and firmware. Companies not yet in the SSD space or ones wishing to quickly diversify product offerings, can easily use the LAMD solution to get new SSDs to market quickly.

LAMD claims sustained random performance of 90,000 read and write IOPS and 550MB/s read and write throughput is possible when paired with high performance flash. The new controller also sports proprietary NAND management and error correction technologies to help extend the life of flash based on smaller design rules.

The LM87800 is an 8 channel design with support for 1TB of flash and is compatible with most all flash currently available. ONFI and Toggle SLC, MLC, and eMLC are supported from most all NAND manufacturers.

With established controller providers Marvell and SandForce making up a huge share of client SSD shipments (in addition to proprietary Samsung and Intel products), newer controller designs from LAMD, NovaChips, and Phison could gain a foothold if the performance is right. It’s unclear who will join Corsair in using the LAMD controller, but the fact that there are now more viable options is ultimately a good thing for consumers.

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