Areca ARC-1882x 2nd Gen 6Gb/s SAS/SATA RAID Card Review – 4.7GB/s Transfer Performance!

Today in our lab we will be testing  two of the new Areca ARC-1882 Second-Generation 6Gb/s SAS/SATA RAID adapters.

Yes folks, that’s a plural and we are lucky enough to have two of these beasts in our hot little hands.  Get ready for speeds as you seldom see in any technology and review forum.  Sit down, buckle up and hold on for the ride of your life because for the first time ever, we have reached an UNBELIEVABLE 4.7GB/s disk performance speed!


Areca has long been a leader in RAID controller technology with a long line of reliable and high performing RAID controllers. Many in the enthusiast community particularly admire Areca and their controllers as they have a penchant for using large amounts of DRAM cache and their firmware goes further to providing premium cache leverage. For desktop computing, the Areca family is hard to beat.

Areca RAID controllers are known for  their highly customizable settings.  This is enhanced by firmware and options in Areca’s controllers, along with the GUI, that are far superior to most enterprise RAID cards. Considered by many as a ’boutique’ RAID company that caters to the high performance crowd, Areca prides itself in their extensive hardware options that allow users to really customize and tweak the performance of their RAID solutions. Other finer points of these controllers include their excellent and easy to use out-of-band storage controls which can be very handy when used in servers.

Customer service is a hallmark of Areca and fast timely resolution to any issues that may crop up is assured. This is probably Arecas greatest strength and here they continue to deliver.  So much so, in fact, that many competitive overclockers and benchmarkers consistently use these devices as their first choice for high performance computing. Many world records in benchmarking realms have been set using these controllers, as will many more in the future.

A staple in data centers worldwide, Areca controllers are known for being rugged and demonstrate excellent reliability.

Building upon the wild success of their 1880 line of controllers, Areca is looking to take things to the next level utilizing a dual core ROC that is a step up from the single core ROC used in the previous generation.

Where will we see the benefits? How will a single core solution stack up against the dual core variant, especially in Parity RAID sets?  Today we set out to test the 1882 vs its predecessor, the 1880, in a number of tests that will showcase the strengths of this newest controller in Arecas line. We are also going to explore the amount of customizations that the Areca controllers afford, and some of the features that makes them such a sought after solution for so many users.