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Apple makes PhotoFast stop production of speedy 256 GB MacBook Air SSDs

Back in late October 9TO5MAC reported that PhotoFast began producing 256GB SSD upgrade kits for Apples latest MacBook Air lineup. PhotoFasts third-party SSD upgrade for the new MacBook Airs read and write at 250MB/s while Apples included SSD runs at between 150MB/s and 160MB/s.. Now, according to a source close to the company, Apple contacted PhotoFast last week and had them …

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REVIEWED! SuperTalent UltraDrive MX 480GB SSD Review – Crystal, ATTO & HDTach Benchmarks

3. CRYSTAL DISK MARK VER. 3.0 X64 Traditionally, the JMicron series of controllers have not been the best at demonstrating those all important 4kb random write scores. This is the second time in recent weeks we have looked at the newer release of the JMF 616 where they are showing much better results. For those not familiar with the importance of this specific …

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Upcoming Memoright and Super Talent SSD Reviews!!!!

UPDATE!!! Just ripping apart and getting some piks of the Super Talent FT2 and guess what shows up on my door step??? Its a brand new Mach Extreme Technology MX-DS Series SSD 40GB retailing everywhere but North America so stay tuned our readers from the other side of the world!!! Take a look below!!! And again!!!! Believe it or two Crucials were …

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Imation M-Class 128GB SSD Review

A few weeks back we received the Imation M-Class 128GB SSD and thought we would take our time putting it through its paces, however, recognized right away that there were some very appealing things about the drive. First off, the package included an upgrade kit in order to ease the users transition to SSDs as simply as possible which we felt …

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UPDATED! Patriot Adds Torqx TRB Value SSD to Lineup

Patriot took aim at value conscious SSD buyers today by releasing the Torqx TRB SSD in 32Gb and 64Gb capacities which should strike hard with prices to lure those over the edge into the SSD universe. Our thoughts are that the movement of SSD enthusiasts that consider a SSD for boot and applications along with their hard drive for data, music, …

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OCZ Releases SSD Toolbox For SandForce Equipped SSDs

OCZ has just released a Toolbox for their SandForce equipped drives and its available through the OCZ Technology Forums here. A big kudos also has to go out to the Forum Support Manager, RyderOCZ, for taking the time to put together a great thread which lays out the toolbox utilities with some great graphics. . In reading the thread, the Toolbox …

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SandForce Raises The Bar to Partner Toshiba 32nm NAND In SSDs

SandForce® Inc., the pioneer of SSD (Solid State Drive) Processors that enable standard NAND Flash deployment in enterprise, client, and industrial computing applications, today announced the demonstration of the companys SF-2000 SSD Processors in 6 Gigabit (Gb) SATA SSDs incorporating Toshibas 32 nanometer (nm) eMLC Flash memory at the Storage Networking World conference in Dallas, TX, this week.  Toshiba Enterprise …

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Imation M-Class 128Gb SSD & Upgrade Kit Arrives

It seems we were having so much fun with all the SandForce and OWC news today that we forgot to check the mail. It was a pleasant surprise to find that an Imation 128Gb M-Class SSD with a bonus USB case and migration kit had arrived for review. Right from the outset, I have to admit that I have always liked the …

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