Intel Releases Firmware Fix For 320 Series SSD – Addresses Bad Context 13x Error

Not even a week after discovering the root cause of their recent 320 Series SSD issues, Intel has already made a firmware fix to the public which can be uploaded here.

The update addresses issues experienced by some where their SSD was left in an almost totally unusable 8MB state and the new firmware version is 0362.  Update instructions can be found at Intel Communities in a post by Alan Frost (AKA AFrosty).

For those who have already experienced the crash and are still in limbo, they have two options of which the first is to contact an Intel rep and arrange for a replacement.  The second method is to download The Intel Toolbox and perform a secure erase followed by a firmware update and format.  the drive should then be as good as new again.  Well, actually in this case, the drive will be better than new.

Good To See Intel on Top of the 320 Series Bug as it seems to have been stomped on with stealth speed and precision!  Once again we can use SSDs as a hockey puck!

Intel solid state drives… SOLID!!!


  1. The issue seems not to be fixed, in fact there are people posting in the intel community forums that they experienced the bug AFTER having updated to the new firmware ( German tech sites have acknowledged this, too:

  2. the problem IS intel by not supporting the mac platform. I had a several month long painful experience similar to this one – took apart and placed the ssd forth and back between my macbook pro and a PC for updating, secure erasing, … at least 10 times (!) because neither the update tool nor the secure erasing capable tools were supported on my mac (not even under bootcamp).

    It’s true, the situation is not much better with other manufacturers, but selling a harddrive that simply canot be updated on macs from, say the last 3 years, is not ready for the market in 2011 (my 320 ssd was not even recognized on 2 other PCs).

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