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Plextor Introduces mSATA, NGFF, TLC and Power Protection SSDs at CES Las Vegas 2013

Plextor set out to confirm their commitment to quality and innovation at CES Las Vegas 2013 this week, and that they did. Unlike other manufacturers who may select controllers and memory dependent on market pricing and availability, Plextor made it clear that their commitment was to Marvell for SSD controllers and Toshiba for their premium Toggle Mode NAND flash memory. …

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Mushkin Announces ProSpec SSD Family For Enterprise Class Applications

Mushkin announced their new ProSpec SSD family at CES Las Vegas 2013 this week.  The ProSpec line is equipped with the LSI SandForce SF-2582 processor and eMLC NAND flash memory which improves the lifespan of the memory significantly.  The SSD will be available in capacities from 100 to 400GB and sustained performance is detailed as 560MB/s with  random read/write performance …

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Samsung SSD Angels On the Job At CES 2013 Las Vegas

The Samsung SSD Angels made their first appearance at CES Las Vegas 2013 and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to put them to the test.  For those new to the Samsung SSD Angels history, they have traveled the world ‘showing the Samsung love’ by upgrading sometimes unsuspecting people to the world of SSDs. Not wanting to pass up a great …

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Intel DC S3700 Data Center SSD Review (200/800GB)

A few months back, we randomly heard three words during a passing conversation; Intel, Taylorsville, and latency. That was it; no context, no explanation and no hints. Given that we happened to be at the Flash Memory Summit, it was a safe bet that something solid state was afoot, but at the time these were just random words to file …

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OCZ Vector SSD Review – Indilinx Barefoot 3 Becomes Reality

To say the new OCZ Vector was a long time in the making would be an understatement as discussion over the development of this platform just might be one of the oldest SSD conversations to date. Today’s Vector release may mark the first major success story of OCZ’ purchase of both Indilinx and PLX, this story born through development of …

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LSI AIS 2012: PNY Shows Off new HP V300 and V500 SSD Family

PNY showed off just a bit of SSD gold this week in a new production development they have signed with none other than HP. Just as we saw in 07/08 with the first Samsung/Corsair partnership, PNY will be manufacturing solid state drives under HP branding that are remarkably similar to that marketed by PNY, up to and including PNY’s exclusive …

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