Toshiba XG5 NVMe SSD Review – 3D BiCS 64-Layer Flash Shines

Flash memory, at the consumer level, came to the forefront in late 2007 and has changed everything we do, without most understanding , or caring to understand the reason why.  Its advance has changed our world and we do things every day that somehow touches flash memory in some way, shape or form.  The easiest example might be a quick look at your smart phone and wondering why it is more powerful than the typical home PC just a few years ago.  The latest success in the world of flash is 3D NAND flash memory, 64-Layer memory in fact.  This memory provides the consumer with incredible performance, value and storage.  The Toshiba XG5 1TB NVMe SSD contains Toshiba’s 3D Gen 3 64-Layer BiCS memory and our report will examine Toshiba’s newest memory, as well as their secretive NVMe controller that goes along with it.

Toshiba XG5 NVMe SSD


Not to start on a negative, but you cannot buy this SSD.  It is an oem SSD that will ship in pre-configured PCs, laptops and ultras, but you can be certain that a consumer retail version will be following along sometime in the future.  The only difference between the two is that the firmware in the oem version is set to widest adaption over several oems, which means that the consumer version just might be a bit more powerful when released.

Toshiba XG5 1TB SSD

The Toshiba XG5 will be shipping ‘to oems’ in capacities of 256GB, 512GB and 1TB ‘initially’ and our sample is PCIe Gen 3 x4 (4 lane) NVMe 1TB in capacity and is of a 2280 (80mm) form factor.  Its performance speaks to about 3GB/s read and 2.1GB/s write with power listed as < 4.6W read and <3.5W write typically, with L1.2 (sleep) mode dropping to <3mW.

Toshiba XG5 NVMe SSD

The XG5 contains two Toshiba BiCS 3D 64-Layer NAND flash memory chips, a NVMe controller (TC58NCP090GSD) and a NANYA buffer (NT6CL128M32BM).  It is available in self-encrypting drive (SED) configurations with or without TCG Opal encryption.

Toshiba XG3 NVMe SSD Review

Toshiba, at present, would not reveal any details with respect to the controller but one could guess that it is an eight channel controller simply by the performance.

Toshiba BiCS NAND Flash Memory

As well, with the newest Gen 3 64-Layer 3D design, it is entirely possible that we may, not only see a 2TB some time in the future, but also… a single sided 2TB design.

Toshiba XG5 1TB NVMe SSD Nanya Buffer

When formatted, the total capacity of the XG5 is 954GB.