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AIS 2012: Longer Ultrabook Battery Life

Ultrabooks haven’t been the smashing commercial success that Intel and it’s partners might have hoped for, but they’re still popular, and represent a big chunk of growth in the PC industry. We stopped by Kent Smith’s (of LSI SandForce fame) session on Ultrabooks and flash technology here at AIS to see about the future of those portables from a storage …

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Western Digital Releases 5mm Hybrid HDD Targeting Ultrabook Placement

Western Digital has announced the release of the world’s thinnest 2.5″ hybrid drive. Targeted at Ultrabooks, the drive will weigh in at a mere 5mm thick, undercutting even the thinnest 7mm drives currently on the market. The new products will deliver up to 500GB of storage space and will be conducive to systems with severely cramped quarters. The drives should be …

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Intel To Develop Ultrabook SSD Specs As Naysayers Are Put On Notice

Intel, well known for, um, just about everything, has announced their intention to release a unified set of Ultrabook SSD specifications. This comes in the wake of Ultrabook manufacturers releasing their products with SSDs of all shapes and sizes, which has had the side effect of making it difficult for consumers to increase their storage capacity without breaking the bank, if it’s …

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