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Kingston Releases LSI Sandforce Series 5 Firmware Fix As Speed Converges With Bug Smashing

Kingston Technology, a major player in the consumer SSD segment, has recently released a new version of LSI/SandForce’s Series 5 firmware for their Hyper x/Hyper X 3K drives. The new 5.0.3 firmware apparently fixes the TRIM functionality, which was not working,in its entirety, in previous versions. Hopefully, Kingston will be only the first of many to adopt this crucial fix …

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Kent Smith of LSI SandForce Delivers Presentation on Over-Provisioning – FMS 2012 Update

If you happened to be at the Flash Memory Summit, you might have caught Kent Smith, the LSI SandForce Senior Marketing Director, delivering presentation on the virtues of over-provisioning. Over-provisioning is the process of setting aside additional capacity to help with SSD performance and longevity, and Kent’s message is don’t be afraid to take advantage of it.  Let’s take a look …

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LSI SandForce Enhances SSDs For Increased Battery Life, Quicker Boot and More Speed

LSI today announced significant upgrades to it’s SandForce SF-2200/2100 Flash Storage Processors (FSPs) to ensure their standing as the ideal SSD processor choice for today’s Ultrabook market. The key takeaway for the consumer is that their new Ultra may realize as much as an hour longer battery life, better boot times, all the while realizing the significant performance benefits of …

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