LSI SandForce Enhances SSDs For Increased Battery Life, Quicker Boot and More Speed

LSI today announced significant upgrades to it’s SandForce SF-2200/2100 Flash Storage Processors (FSPs) to ensure their standing as the ideal SSD processor choice for today’s Ultrabook market.

The key takeaway for the consumer is that their new Ultra may realize as much as an hour longer battery life, better boot times, all the while realizing the significant performance benefits of flash technology.  Considering that the ultrabook market is set to almost double in the next few years, this is a very wise move.

As a bit of support, we have looked closely at the new Macbook Air recently and have closely compared Apples choice of SSD in those articles.  To complete that, we examined the new OWC Mercury Aura Pro ‘LSI SandForce Driven’ SSD and easily concluded that this was the worlds highest performing replacement for the MBA.


LSI has shipped well over 10 million SandForce FSPs and we anticipate our shipment volumes will continue to increase, driven by the exploding demand and lowering price points for NAND flash technology, said Thad Omura, vice president of marketing, Flash Components Division, LSI. LSI SandForce FSPs deliver impactful enhancements to the everyday computing user experience and design benefits that are especially valuable to Ultrabook manufacturers.

The dynamic entry and success that SandForce (and now LSI) has enjoyed since first taking the SSD arena by storm a few short years back is amazing!  The success they have seen with the SF-2200/SF-2100 line is testament to their success and now, amidst that success, to offer significant enhancements to their FSPs is a huge step forward.  From a personal perspective, the key here is an ultrabook increasing its battery life by as much as an hour through use of a SandForce SSD.  That alone would be huge!

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    Is this a fw or silicon upgrade?

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    Any reply on the fw/silicon ?

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    Have you encountered any msata ssd’s using this newer design yet? I’m always looking to squeeze more power out of my laptop and want to do an upgrade soon.

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