Technology First! Kingston Windows To Go Flash Drive Is Based On A LSI SandForce SSD Architecture

It wasn’t so long ago that we reviewed the first SSD based flash drive which was marketed by Super Talent and we suggested that there would be a time soon enough when you would be able to carry your entire computer system on a similar device in your pocket.

Simply sit down at any computer, plug in your flash drive and use your computer just as you would see it at home or work.

Imagine the possibilities for education alone, not to mention the vast number of applications we could see it being used in the business world.  As of this morning, we have become a world where nothing we do is constrained to the computer we use any longer.  Any person can now simply throw their own computer environment right in their pocket and start it from any system, any where.  When we look back at 2012, I think this has the potential of being one of 2012’s greatest innovations, all to the credit of Microsoft, Kingston and LSI SandForce.

This morning, Kingston released news that it is sampling their new DataTraveller Workspace USB 3 Windows To Go Flash Drive that is ‘Microsoft Certified’ and based on the new Windows 8 enterprise architecture.  The beauty of the Kingston DT Workspace is that it is LSI SandForce Driven and contains a SF-2000 series LSI SandForce FSP (Flash Storage Processor) and, being as it is USB 3, it will run at typical SandForce SATA 2 speeds, however, these aren’t officially available as of yet.


To many, this may seem a bit slow but, looking at the review we did with the Super Talent RC8 previously, screaming LSI SandForce performance will show its face soon enough I’m sure.  It is a SSD based flash drive and an innovation we have been awaiting for some time, and also, an idea that we had been experimenting with for almost two years now behind the scenes.

This is one of those game changing innovations that speaks to technological advance and Microsoft, Kingston and LSI SandForce definitely deserve full credit on this one!

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