Zotac Premium Edition SSD Review (480GB)


The Zotac Premium Edition SSD is a great performing product. In today’s review it was able to easily live up to its rated specs and even surpass them by achieving speeds of over 560MB/s read and 540MB/s write. When looking at random 4K performance this SSD also did not disappoint, with QD1 read speeds over 50MB/s in AS SSD, this drive is able to hold its own against even that of the latest Samsung 850 series SSDs. Its PCMark Vantage results were also very good. Reaching over 94K points puts it at near the top of our leaderboards! PCMark 8’s extended test gave us another good look at how this drive performs. Its results nearly matched that of the PNY CS2211 with strong and consistent steady state and recovery phase performance.

Finally, during our file transfer and power testing we attained more good results. Its file transfer speed performance placed it at second place on our leaderboard. Power consumption was well regulated during this test as well as during idle. With a transfer power consumption of just 3.3W and idle power consumption of just 70mW, we would have no hesitation in recommending this SSD for a laptop. Overall, the Zotac Premium Edition SSD was able impress us quite a bit.

Zotac Premium Edition SSD 480GB Final


Normally when we think of SSD vendors of high-performance SSDs, only a few companies come to mind. Strangely enough, Zotac’s Premium Edition SSD may soon be joining our list as a top contender in the market. All it is lacking is the inclusion of some sort of SSD toolbox and possibly a longer 5-year warranty to keep up with the competition.

The Zotac Premium Edition SSD is competitive in terms of its price point. At $0.33 per GB, it is priced better than the Samsung 850 EVO at the 240GB-256GB capacity range, but slightly behind that of the nearly identical and slightly better value PNY CS2211 we just reviewed a month ago. The excellent performance and endurance figures are also very impressive, placing this SSD up there with some of the best in the market. So, if you are into media editing or other high-wear workloads, the Zotac Premium Edition SSD is a very good buy. Couple all that with the fact that it has a form of power-loss protection, end to end data protection, and a few other useful features to ensure your data’s integrity remains intact, this SSD keeps looking better and better. Speaking of looks, even its aesthetic quality defines it as a premium product with the simplistic black aluminum finish!

From today’s results we are even giving it our Recommended award! If you are in the market for new high-performance SSD, whether you are a gamer or enthusiast, be sure to check out the Zotac Premium Edition SSD today. It very well may be your next purchase.

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With very competitive price points, excellent performance, and high endurance figures, the Zotac Premium Edition SSD is a very good buy. If you are in the market for a new high-performance SSD, be sure to add this drive to your list.

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    Phison’s very reputable quad-core S10 controller and Toshiba’s A19 MLC NAND. Win Win!!!
    Keep up the good work Zotac. Who said that mlc could not be affordable?

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    Your price links take you to the ocz trion page.

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    I can’t believe Seagate just announced their 10 gig per sec ssd drives most likely for enterprise, probably consumer ones to follow.

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    Zotac Premium Edition SSDs DO INDEED have a SSD Toolbox Utility:

    Finally, another excellent SSD with power and data path protection, and it definitely outperforms the Crucial MX100!

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