Super Talent USB3 Express RC8 100GB Flash Drive Review – Windows To Go Tested and Certified


The Super Talent USB3.0 Express RC8 100GB Flash Drive is a shining example of what can be accomplished and how fast technology remains to progress.  It seems like only yesterday that Peter Carcione (now Toshiba former Super Talent fame) and I spent months discussing the viability of creating a completely bootable solution for Windows, this long before Windows To Go was ever heard of.  Many of those conversations spoke of the performance level to sustain a bootable USB and we see that today in the RC8, a flash drive that is just so happens to be of Super Talent design.

The Super Talent RC8 is a LSI SandForce Driven flash drive that is capable of performance not yet reached by any other flash drive today and it was the first to create that partnership with SandForce. It is a solid state drive through and through. When examining the needs of creating a fully bootable USB drive, the only way this could be accomplished is through the inclusion of a flash storage processor in the mix.  As a matter of fact, when we look at the Microsoft approved drives for Windows To Go, the only SSD processor we see in use is that of LSI SandForce.

Windows To Go is, in essence, a fully bootable version of Windows 8 that can be started on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer in the world, and in its own environment.  The first use of it in any system could take a few extra seconds as it needs to collect and enable specific drivers but, from that point on, we see about a 5-6 second start up post boot. We mention post boot as it is necessary to take the time to select the USB as the boot drive in BIOS in our systems.

From a personally standpoint, I don’t find the metro GUI very appealing in its color scheme and I was not happy to have to link my Hotmail account for the ‘full Microsoft experience’ but Windows it just that fast once you get to know it.  By ‘get to know it’ I mean to say that there is definitely a learning curve with this OS and it’s is not as simply ‘get up and go’ as Windows 7.


Taking a closer look at the RC8, matching it’s flare would be pretty much futile as it is constructed of a buffed aluminum exterior, harnessing the highest performance in the industry, and is only 1/4″ thick.  When in use, the blue key ring retainer flashes, acknowledging drive activity.  Couple that with its five year warranty and this is just an amazing product, albeit it at a premium price which is in line with it’s purpose and position on the food chain.

Not only are we going to recognize the Super Talent USB3.0 Express RC8 100GB Flash Drive with our Editors Choice Award, but also, check out our next article as we are going to be giving away a BRAND NEW and unopened 100GB RC8 with Windows To Go pre-installed.  You just can’t beat that!

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    Can I use this to test my HDD?

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    Now I really need this.

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    Is it me or the Crystal DiskMark compressible results are not right, since the program appears not have finished? (the 4 boxes on the left say ‘Stop’ which means the program is still running)

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    Great review. This is like reading a very good book. Thanks.

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    Great review. But I think it would be better if you would compare it with spyrus and kingston workspace and hyperx

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    Dependability is extremely low. I have rma’d 3 50GB RC8 since sept and have one on the desk right now that ran for a total of 4 days. Dang shame as this is one of the most amazing and fastest thumb drives ever made. SuperTalent support leaves a lot to be desired.
    Ron Burnes

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    how much does it cossst

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