Super Talent USB3 Express RC8 100GB Flash Drive Review – Windows To Go Tested and Certified


Microsoft Windows To Go (WTG) is a stand alone Windows 8 operating system that can be installed on Microsoft accredited flash drives and found in Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise.  At the time of this report, the list of WTG accredited drives consisted of  the Super Talent RC8 (today’s analysis), Kingston Data Traveler Workspace, Western Digital My Passport Enterprise, Ironkey Workspace and Spyrus Portable and Secure Portable Workspace.  While at the LSI Accelerating Innovation Summit in San Jose recently, we grabbed this shot of some WTG flash drives:


Considering installation, we are going to quickly describe the experience from the user standpoint where a trial version of Windows To Go was supplied as this is how it was received by us.  Better yet, this is also how some lucky winner will be experiencing it in their brand new Super Talent USB3.0 Express 100GB Flash Drive soon enough.  To start, lets take a quick look at a first time installation of Windows To Go from the RC8.

As we can see, the BIOS needs to boot from the RC8, it takes a bit for the initial installation to download the drivers and we are off.  I might suggest this still took less time than a typical hard drive start up. From our perspective, it is an absolutely great environment for a dual monitor setup.



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    Can I use this to test my HDD?

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    Now I really need this.

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    Is it me or the Crystal DiskMark compressible results are not right, since the program appears not have finished? (the 4 boxes on the left say ‘Stop’ which means the program is still running)

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    Great review. This is like reading a very good book. Thanks.

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    Great review. But I think it would be better if you would compare it with spyrus and kingston workspace and hyperx

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    Dependability is extremely low. I have rma’d 3 50GB RC8 since sept and have one on the desk right now that ran for a total of 4 days. Dang shame as this is one of the most amazing and fastest thumb drives ever made. SuperTalent support leaves a lot to be desired.
    Ron Burnes

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    how much does it cossst

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