Angelbird SSD2Go USB 3.0 External 480GB SSD Review – Unbelievable Build & Performance + 10% Off


The Angelbird SSD2Go is unrivaled by any other external SSD solution in the industry and is a shining example with what can be done with a bit of knowledge and care in its design.  It is one of the few hand made things we still see in this world, has a three year warranty and it’s built and performance are beyond reproach.

Angelbird SSD Closing Shot

Even without availability as we would like to see it, the Angelbird SSD2Go USB3.0 External SSD easily walks away with our Editor’s Choice Award for design, build and quality.

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    This is way cool! Nice find!

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    The circuit board build quality looks excellent!

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    I think I saw this review on TweakTown a couple days ago.

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    Absolutely impressive product. The addition of the supercap makes perfect sense with a removable media product. The odds of someone inadvertantly pulling this out of a USB port are rather high and the supercap just gives them a nice safety margin. My only question on these external SSD units is whether their firmware be updated over a USB link.

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    Are these for girls, the SSDs can match their shoes LOL

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