Angelbird SSD2Go USB 3.0 External 480GB SSD Review – Unbelievable Build & Performance + 10% Off


To give you an idea of how impressed I am with the Angelbird SSD2Go 480GB USB3.0 External SSD, I have another manufacturers 1TB external SSD variant (yes MASSIVE capacity) that is next in line for review that I had been dying to get my hands on for some time.  Angelbird changed all of that by sending us these three variants of their Angelbird SSD2Go to play with.  Apologies have to go to Roman as we have had these sitting here since well before Computex, only to have them pushed aside by the immediate nature of tech show prep.  If only I had known…

The Angelbird SSD2Go USB 3.0 External SSD seems to have created its own place in the industry as the only that has truly ventured to understand the need for performance of an external device by media professionals.  As we had linked earlier, these very same professionals were more than happy to publish their opinions of the SSD2Go.

Angelbird SSD USB3 Assembly

As much as we would like to say that this started with their choice of LSI SandForce, their selection of ASMedia components is the only reason that this SSD can provide the top transfer speeds in the industry of over 400MB/s for both read and write access. No other that we know of has combined the same ingredients, however, we are sure that there will be a following.


Even before we experience the great performance though, the quality of this product is felt first hand from the moment you lay your eyes on it.  It is solid and if Roman told me they tested it and it was bulletproof, I wouldn’t be shocked whatsoever.  It is one of those niche tech toys that, once you have it in your hands, you just don’t want to put it down.  Unfortunately, our choice of orange for our sample drive came from ‘the boss’ who already has this seated right beside her camera and PC for media storage.  Once again, if only I would have known…


Pricing of the Angelbird SSD2Go is that of what we would have seen of normal SSDs a year or so back.  It is well over the $1/GB price point that we have gotten used to and there is good reason.  This product is much more than a simple SSD.  Costs could have easily been reduced significantly by creating a thin aluminum or plastic exterior, as well as utilizing a much cheaper SATA to USB 3.0 bridge and controller combo but that would have defeated everything that Angelbird wanted to create.  People that want this build quality and need this specific performance in an external medium only have the SSD2Go to look to.

Last but not least, we have availability where we are certain that the SSD2Go would sell like hotcakes if they were in any of the popular e-tailers.  Sadly, this is still a job in progress and North American sales are very limited and can be purchased directly from Angelbird.  Don’t worry though as a US distributor will take care of your product and warranty needs if necessary.


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    This is way cool! Nice find!

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    The circuit board build quality looks excellent!

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    I think I saw this review on TweakTown a couple days ago.

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    Absolutely impressive product. The addition of the supercap makes perfect sense with a removable media product. The odds of someone inadvertantly pulling this out of a USB port are rather high and the supercap just gives them a nice safety margin. My only question on these external SSD units is whether their firmware be updated over a USB link.

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    Are these for girls, the SSDs can match their shoes LOL

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