The Memoright FTM Plus SATA 3 240GB SSD Review


 In looking back at our analysis of the Memoright FTM Plus SSD thusfar, we found ourselves asking one question.  Why hasn’t Memoright jumped into the consumer market and made their solid state drives more widely available as of yet?

We did a quick search and found the new FTM available through one company on Amazon at a price of $479 per for this capacity which makes us believe that its really not that difficult of a jump for Memoright.

Our testing of the Memoright FTM Plus shows it to be no less than a dynamite SSD with performance matching that of the big guns and all the bells and whistles to accompany this.  The SSD and packaging is very attractive, Memoright includes a desktop adapter and their warranty is that of the standard three years limited.

Their marketing, at least at Computex, was second rate to none and it would be an interesting proposition to see any other SSD manufacturers goes so far as to boil, freeze and put their SSDs through such rigorous vibration tests with the eyes of the consumer upon them.

blankIn the end, the FTM line of SSDs is a great introduction by Memoright and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next!  Say ‘Good Bye” for now…


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