Seagate 600 SSD Review (480GB) – Seagate Enters The SSD Arena in a Big Way!


The writing on the wall for Seagates transition into the world of SSDs first appeared in July of 2012 when Seagate stole SSD Guru Gary Gentry from Micron to be their Senior Vice President SSD.  Stole may be an understatement as our news hit even before Gary had a chance to change his Linked In status.  Gary went to work by first talking Seagate into investing 40 mil into Virident to ‘immediately offer a complete line of flash-based PCIe solutions to its OEM and distribution partners’, then followed by Seagates announcement that they were  ending production of 7200rpm HDDs in 2013.  These were smart chess moves.

Today, Seagate not only introduced a client level SSD in a new z-height of 5mm, but they also introduced a Pro enterprise version of that SSD, as well as 12Gb/s SAS and PCIe SSDs for serious enterprise applications.  The 12Gb/s is the industries first and we were the first to get a look at it in Germany at ceBIT.

If anyone doesn’t think Seagate means business when it comes to SSDs, they are mistaken.


Seagate literature speaks to the 600 SSD as being the ideal consumer upgrade SSD and it may be just that.  Is it a top performer?  Not yet, but this is the first day of it’s release and, just as we see with many other SSDs, we will see firmware updates that speak to performance.  Is there anything wrong with performance?  In our analysis, the only place the 600 fell short was in PCMark Vantage testing which has happened before where an excellent SSD just didn’t get along with PCMark Vantage.

Seagate 600 SSD Disassembled

As far as the benchmarks go, they consistently exceed specifications listed by Seagate and we see read performance of over 500MB/s and write performance just below.  IOPS performance is excellent and speaks to both read and write IOPS with both being over 70,000 IOPS consistently.  By all counts, the 600 SSD appears to be a solid first entry by Seagate.

As for retail availability and pricing, we will update this report once more information is available.

Seagate Closer


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  1. blank

    Les can you get some sustained IOPS graphs over certain time periods? 🙂 The Corsair Neutrons were always good at this

  2. blank

    Nice review Les! I like it when you mention results from similar drives like neutron!
    Solid effort for first entry. Otherwise lame.

  3. blank

    That is a Corsair Neutron Clone for sure.

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