Seagate 600 SSD Review (480GB) – Seagate Enters The SSD Arena in a Big Way!


Our analysis today will be conducted with our Asus Z77 Premium Test Bench. Clicking on any pictures or benchmarks will bring up a more easily viewable high resolution image.

In testing, our main objective is to obtain results as pure and as accurate as possible and we want to ensure that no anomalies slip through. Simply put, we want to provide you with the absolute best results the tested hardware can provide. Repetition in testing is standard and, if necessary, we may conduct specific tests in Windows 7 ‘safe mode’ to ensure the OS has little to no influence on the end result.


n order to validate and confirm our findings, testing is supported by industry accepted benchmark programs. All results are displayed through capture of the actual benchmark for better understanding of the testing process by the reader.


We would like to thank ASUS (P8Z77-V Premiumblankblank), Intel (Core i7-3770Kblank), Crucial (Ballistixblank), Corsair (H100blank) and Be Quiet (PSU/Fans) for supporting the build of our Z77 Premium Test Bench. In addition, we would also like to thank HighPoint for their contribution of the RocketStor 5322blank, RocketRAID 2711blank and their External Mini-SAS to Esata cablingblank. Through this configuration we are able to benchmark all notebook and mSATA SSDs, whereby achieving identical performance as a direct system connection, yet we simply hot swap from the external storage dock.


The software we will be using for today’s analysis is typical of many of our reviews and consists of ATTO Disk Benchmark, Crystal DiskMark, AS SSD, Anvil Storage Utilities and PCMark Vantage. We rely on these as they each have a way of supporting one another yet, at the same time, adding a new performance benchmark to the total picture. Much of the software is free and can be downloaded simply by clicking on the linked title.


Crystal Disk Info provides some excellent information about the SSD itself to include its health, product information, ‘power on’ information as well as the characteristics of the SSD. We can see that the SSD is capable of TRIM as it is not greyed out as with AAM.

Seagate 480GB 600 Series SSD CDI

Crystal Disk Info provides verification that the SSD is TRIM compliant, that it is SATA 3 and also provides a substantial number of SMART values, although many are listed as unknown.  For those who would like to verify that there TRIM is working, our SSD Forum Thread that discusses TRIMcheck has a link to the software download.  This software actually verifies that TRIM is working on the drive through first hand activity.

Seagate 600 SSD Linkamedia ControllerSeagate 600 SSD Memory


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    Les can you get some sustained IOPS graphs over certain time periods? 🙂 The Corsair Neutrons were always good at this

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    Nice review Les! I like it when you mention results from similar drives like neutron!
    Solid effort for first entry. Otherwise lame.

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    That is a Corsair Neutron Clone for sure.

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