Seagate Steals Micron SSD GM Gary Gentry To Be Senior Vice President SSD

If it weren’t weren’t enough that we were all taking bets as to who was going to win the arm wrestle between Seagate and Micron over any potential OCZ purchase, Seagate stunned the storage world today by luring back Gary Gentry from Micron to be their Senior Vice President SSD.

The totally odd part of this announcement is that it comes on the cusp of Seagates announcement of June quarter results without the expected announcement of the OCZ purchase.

So we saw OCZ shares jump up 30% less than a week ago only to drop 10% today according to Forbes.  Whats up with that?

The part of the equation that makes no sense is definitely Seagate’s literal theft of Gary Gentry from Micron, his Linked In Bio still listing him as GM, Enterprise SSD Division at Micron at the time of this report.  The inevitable question still has to be , “Well…are they or aren’t they?”


I am not a betting man (ya right) but I honestly don’t believe Seagate would make this addition to their SSD world without something up their sleeve! Who would of thought storage could be this exciting?”

Oh and Gary, give us a call when you get the chance!  It would be a great piece!


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    Well, Seagate and Denbits just entered a partnership so it’s quite obvious that Seagate has something in their sleeves

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