Toshiba Portege Z830 13.3″ Ultrabook Laptop Review – Toshiba Creates One Amazing SSD Ultrabook!


All Z Series models contain Toshibas own 128GB solid state drive and this ultraportable is as affordable as it can be solely because of this. A bit dissappointing perhaps, but typical of Ultrabooks other than only a few that we know of, is the fact that the new Ultrabook generation is capable of faster SATA 3 storage speeds yet all Ultabooks don’t automatically support SATA 3 as of yet. As well, the only to include a SATA 3 SSD as standard is the Zenbook which utilizes the A-Data mSATA with a SandForce SF-2281 processor.

For our purposes, we have installed a Runcore T50 120GB SATA 3 SSD which boasts speeds up to the 500MB/s threshold just as the Zenbook does. On our initial installation, the system would not exceed SATA 2 speeds, however, in our tests today, all seemed to fall into place and full SATA 3 speeds are shown. We will supply benchmarks below, all of which were conducted while each was installed in the Z830, and a very important point should be recognized when viewing the results.

The observed upgrade from a hard drive to a solid state drive is seen in the incredible access speed of the SSD which is about 90 times faster than a hard drive.  The  user will observe no difference between either drive in ‘typical user activities’ and, for the most part, these speeds will only be realized through large file transfers or user specific tasks that demand much more of the SSD.  For the time being, however, I felt it only fair to provide the units original benchmarks (SATA 2) in comparison to that of the SSD I am presently using which is a Runcore T50 120GB SATA 3 mSATA SSD similar to that we had originally reviewed earlier this year.


For these benchmarks, I was taken aback by the Toshiba results and, for that reason, elected to test the Toshiba 128GB SSD in our desktop system where I found that its results were marginally better than in the laptop.  All Runcore T50 tests have been conducted while in the Portege Z830.


ATTO Disk Benchmark is perhaps one of the oldest benchmarks going and is definitely the main staple for manufacturer performance specifications. ATTO uses RAW or compressible data and, for our benchmarks, we use a set length of 256mb and test both the read and write performance of various transfer sizes ranging from 0.5 to 8192kb. Manufacturers prefer this method of testing as it deals with raw (compressible) data rather than random (includes incompressible data) which, although more realistic, results in lower performance results.





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    Can you try to boot with a Ubuntu Live CD and test the hardware? 😉

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    Looks really nice. Did you notice while sliding it into your portfolio it appears the screen or the partwhere it meets, is cracked, based on looking at the first picture. Also how does a 13.3 laptop fit into a 11″ portfolio?

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    I finally bought this ultrabook and installed Linux Mint 12. Works fantastic!

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    Just bought this ultrabook (Portege Z830) 3 days ago. I’m truly satisfied with the overall performance, but what really dissapoint me is that the running battery life is only 3 hours, as opposed to what they claimed 5-7 hours. If I just ON the notebook without doing anything then i can get 6 hours. AND this is running with eco-mode being switch on.

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    Is this laptop cover come in the box?

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    I have been researching this and can’t find information regarding the warranty beyond it being 1-yr. Is it an international warranty? I live between Canada and Greece.

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    Matte or Glossy screen?

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    Beware the fan noise issue:

    The fan noise issue appears not to affect all machines, so possibly a quality control issue. It’s barely noticeable in a room with lots of background noise (e.g. a busy computer store), but can be an irritating buzz that you don’t want or expect to hear if you’re in an otherwise quiet room.

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      I too have a loud fan, nice system except for the fan noise. The only thing really missing is built in broadband. All the ports are present so you do not have to carry several dongles, but now you have to carry a Mi-Fi and power for the Mi-fi since they do not last as long as the z830 does on battery. Otherwise GREAT System.

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        I dont know if it is the system configuration but I have very little fan noise and am starting to wonder if it could be the fact that I am running an i7 unlike most who are running different configurations. Is it possible they have to work harder and heat up quicker?

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        Just received the z830-s8302 with the i7, and the fan is loud. With music on, not a problem, but it is nice to work quietly at times, and the fan sound is more than just the air coming out – it has a sort of humming that is quite intrusive.

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        Appreciated. As much as the noise is null for me I did wonder about other i7 users.

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    Do the come up with different colours and if so which colours are available

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    Hey guys
    Lightroom software is one of the most mysterious about the performance from the hardware, I was wondering if you had the opportunity to test lightroom on this Toshiba Z830 Runcore T50 6gb sata3 combination?

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    Where did you get the sleeve for the laptop?

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    How does one compare 128GB SDD memory with old standard of XXXGB HDD memory?

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      I don’t quite understand but it wasn’t so long ago that the typical laptop came with 160GB HDD. The true comparison lies, however, in the incredible performance leap from the hard drive to the SSD as well as the significant start time reduction.

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    The Asia model of this Z830 is kind of a let down where there is NO backlit keyboard. This clearly shows Japanese products are no longer competitive.

    Just compare Samsung LCD and Sony LCD. I will choose a Samsung anytime with their quality, price and features !

    They tell me it’s only available in the US ! Is the Sun in Asia brighter ?

    Toshiba can be sometimes very confusing, they can have more than two model number for the exactly the same product e.g. with the difference of just only the backlit keyboard !

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    hi, I got my Z830 last week. also T50 120G. but I have problem to install the windows 7 on the SSD under AHCI mode. always give me BSOD. make me wonder the SSD you test here have problem free of BSOD? my T50 have the firmware of 3.3.4, what you got in there. need your help to find out the problem here. thanks.

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    I am having problem with the WiFi in my Z830. Even if I place it near the access point, the signal strength is very weak and if i need to connect it to and external monitor and I close the lid, there wont be any internet connection at all. I have done all the methods Toshiba support has asked me and also gave for servicing. Still no help…
    Other than this issue, the unit is really a great one

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    what’s your overall opinion on Toshiba Portégé Z835-P370 – Core i5 1.6 GHz – 6 GB Ram?

    its seems like the solved the load fan issue with a bio’s update.

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      Personally, I am not a fan of the bios update and wish I could undo it. I NEVER had a fan issue prior to the update and hardly EVER heard the fan, even while playing video. Now, it is on and much much louder when video is playing and it is very bothersome as the fan is full bore.

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    Great review guys. I’m having a major video lag issue with this notebook when trying to edit video. I think it may be this sata 2 causing the problem, where can I buy the sata 3 upgrade you guys put on yours? Do I just need the drive?

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      Unfortunately no. Apparently our testing was somewhat unique in that neither Toshiba or Runcore can duplicate we we pulled off as well as us at this point in time. WE are all aware that getting SATA 3 to function correctly on the Z830 is simply a software upgrade but unfortunately Toshiba has yet to approve and put an update in to do this.

      Now, even we cannot get SATA 3 to work through other mSATA SSDs nor can we repeat what was originally received

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    Can a Samsung 830 Series 256 ssd SATA III, devoid of its case, be used as a replacement drive for this Toshiba Ultrabook? Is the 7mm case too thick to work as it is..? Are there any currently available high speed 256 GB SSD solutions on the market? For this Toshiba Ultrabook?

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    Another question and comment. Will the i7 version of this Ultrabook recognize an 8GB SoDimm in lieu of the 4 GB that comes in the slot? I know that the i3 version will recognize the full 10 GB (2 GB soldered on board + 8GB SoDimm) but I am not certain if the i7 version will do the same, or top out at 8GB). According to Intel’s site, the i3 that comes on the Z835 will recognize up tov16 Gbs, and the i5 and i7 will recognize up to 8GBs. Has anyone tried putting in an 8GB SoDimm in either the i5 or the i7 versions yet? I will be getting my i7 version of the Z835 tomorrow, and I am curious as to whether or not the 8GB SoSoDimm upgrade would workbwith

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    There are differences in the speed of SSDs. Some are actually much slower than others. Also, don’t buy the cheap 64GB drives, as you will run out of room fairly quickly. At the minimum, I’d go for 120GB. I personally have two 240 GB SSDs that will be going into my new build, and plan on getting another.

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    At home, I hook my current laptop to the TV with HDMI and watch stuff that way. This would be wonderful though for a lighter solution.

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    Is it possible to open the Z830 and upgrade the 128 GB SSD drive to a 256 GB? It is said in this article that they are using a different kind of SSD drive. So if you can upgrade to a bigger SSD drive, what kind do we need to get??


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    Can you upgrade the Z830 from a 128 GB SSD to 256? If so, what type of drive if its not a standard SSD?

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    I own one and it is a great laptop except for two key weaknesses: easily broken display (due to being so thin) and extremely weak wireless capability. I dropped mine from only 6 inches–while in a Targus sleeve within a Targus laptop bag–and the screen split. Luckily I had bought an extended warranty and it has been repaired.

    The wireless is very weak. I have my daughter’s $400 Toshiba sitting here and it is getting four bars while I consistently get two. Spend the money on a wireless adapter.

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    what kind of leather case is that on the first page? Looks great!!

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    hello there
    Does the Ultra z830 works fine with a 512gb SATA 2 SSD?

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    I am having Toshiba Portege Z830-A256 it has 128GB SSD I wan to upgrade it to 512Gb SSD. Will it support ? Need reply

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