Runcore ProV Max 120GB SSD Review – Runcore Strikes Gold With SandForce Premium Firmware


Coming into this review, I have to admit I was a bit jaded as my overall impression of Runcore had already been drawn through the two reviews that we had done previously, both of which had deservedly earned Editor’s Choice Awards. Could anything else have been expected?  The original SATA 2 ProV actually bettered some of our RAID testing while the T50 mSATA was the first SATA 3 mSATA SSD released to the consumer.  Throw in the fact that it somehow pulled out AMAZING SATA 3 performance tests from our new Toshiba Z830 Portege Ultrabook which nobody knew was capable of SATA 3.  Would you believe BOTH Runcore and Toshiba later contacted us to find out how we pulled that one off?

All this from a company who has only been around since 2007, has spread its wings to build China’s largest SSD manufacturing facility and has gained the confidence of, not only consumer and enterprise sectors, but military as well.   Who doesn’t root for the underdog?



The ProV Max was a mixed bag in some ways because we felt that the high sequential write speeds weren’t up to par yet, at the same time, the low 4k random write speeds were incredible.  The high sequential read performance was on par with theProV Max specifications and we were very impressed with the great disk access speeds that were witnessed in Anvil Storage Utilities, although we weren’t really impressed with the write performance while testing incompressible data.

This brought us to the PCMark Vantage results that, at first, don’t seem to be the best but when you look closer, only 1201 points separate the OCZ MaxIOPS 120GB SSD from the Runcore ProV Max.  The truth is that, with this round of new gen SSDs, pretty much any can claim themselves top dog on any given day because they are just that close.

With respect to price, we found the ProV Max on par and actually twenty bucks cheaper than the comparable OCZ Vertex 3 MaxIOPS, however, it was typically twenty bucks more than most comparable 120GB SSDS, including the Runcore ProV (non-Max) 120GB SSD.

In the end, there was something that impressed us and that was the excellent performance score of 80, 625 IOPS at 4k QD16, a result not often seen.  If there was any validation to Runcore’s claims of ‘gold firmware’, this was definitely it.  What better way to acknowledge Runcore’s efforts than with our Gold Seal?


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