PNY CS2211 SSD Review (240GB/480GB)


The PNY CS2211 is PNY’s latest and greatest contender for the gamer and enthusiast market. Building upon the last XLR8 drive, the CS2111, was going to be hard. It was designed utilizing Silicon Motion’s very popular and solid performing SM2246EN controller and Micron’s latest L95B NAND. When we did our analysis on it we found hardly any cons to it, save for the 2+2-year warranty. The CS2111 set the bar high for PNY’s next iteration that is for sure.

Even though the bar was set high, this just forced PNY to figure out how to make this revision more compelling. First they improved the warranty coverage by simplifying it to a full 4-years rather than making the customer go through the hassle of registering for the extra 2-years. Next they threw in an Acronis True Image key in order to allow customers to easily clone over their old drives to their new and much faster PNY SSD. Finally, they tweaked the design, not only physically with the new grunge type look, but internally as well. By utilizing the Phison S10 controller and Toshiba’s latest 15nm MLC NAND, the new PNY CS2211 delivers great performance across the board.

PNY XLR8 CS2211 SSD Stacked

In testing we saw reads peak at over 560MB/s and writes at over 540MB/s. In AS SSD the both capacity PNY CS2211s were even able to break 100K read IOPS, which is fantastic considering the 240GB model is only rated for for 87K  and 480GB model for 95K! Performance during PCMark runs was also good with low latency and average bandwidth above 200MB/s during the final phases. Finally, power consumption was well regulated on top of everything else. The only cons we can state about this SSD is that its temperature sensor doesn’t actually work and 4K write performance was lower than its predecessor, other than that, it has put on a great show.


The SATA market, especially in the mainstream segment, is congested as it is. Companies, such as PNY, are striving to deliver the most value to the consumer as they can. By developing a sleek looking, great performing drive and bundling it with Acronis True Image as well as a 2.5mm spacer, PNY is hoping to increase the CS2211’s perceived value to their customers. Based upon our testing the PNY CS2211 will be a great option for those looking for a new mainstream SSD. Unlike most other drives out there it comes with an extra year’s warranty to boot, which is good news for those who aren’t satisfied with the typical 3-year warranties we see. If you are in the market for a new SSD be sure to give the PNY CS2211 a look before you make your next purchase!


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Solid Performer

The CS2211 is PNY's latest gamer/enthusiast XLR8 SSD product. With a 4-year warranty, SATA 6Gb/s saturating speeds, and Acronis True Image bundled in, the CS2211 is a solid offering for those looking for a new SSD.

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    G’day Sean

    Seems the same Phison made drive with 19nm flash is faster,

    and possibly cheaper………….,4397-3.html

  2. blank

    Glad to see reviews again instead of announcements. But It amazes me how these companies advertise their new ssds with so much enthusiasm, when there new ssds are slower than the previous generation. It’s like, yeah we shrunk the nand size again, Woopie!!! And now it’s a little slower but almost as fast.

    • blank

      As long as it performs adequately and the endurance/retention is reasonable, there is nothing wrong. After all, each generation is getting cheaper.

  3. blank

    Does this performs better that Samsung 850 Pro and Crucial M550? I am lost which to choose…

  4. blank

    Ugh, all the graphs have two SSDs using the white line. which one is which ?

  5. blank

    You say this is a TLC Nand but the official website says its an MLC I am going crazy here. Anandtech also says its an MLC.
    Well I am going crazy cause many people are saying that TLC drives come in 120/240 capacities and only the MLC come in 128/256 and so on capacities.
    I have seen uptill now two brands that have the 120/240 capacites but claim to be MLC one is PNY and the other is Chiprex. So I am confused. These are really cheap but I don’t want it if its a TLC Could someone please confirm

    • blank

      TLC -is- MLC

      MLC = Multiple-level cell
      TLC = Triple-level cell

      Multiple means more than one.. 3 is more than one.

      MLC usually means 2 levels per-cell, but manufacturers can sometimes label TLC as MLC.

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