WD_Black SN770 Gen 4 SSD Review – Don’t Let Its Good Looks Fool You.


PCMark 10 Storage Benchmarks produce an overall score as a measure of drive performance. Comparing devices is as simple as comparing scores. The tests also measure and report the bandwidth and average access time performance for the drive. Each test uses traces recorded while performing real-world tasks such as booting Windows 10, starting applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, working with applications such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, and copying several large files and many small files.

PCMark 10 results literally blew us away as the WD_Black SN770 DRAM-less SSD surpassed every other SSD we have tested but for the Optane 5800x and newest Plextor M10P.



The Quick System Drive Benchmark is a subset of the Full test and is more representative of typical daily usage to show what would be expected regarding hybrid SSD performance on a day-to-day basis.


Once again the WD_Black SN770 walked through PCMark 10 Quick System Drive Testing bettering all but the Optane and Plextor.



For our True Data Testing, we simply loaded 15GB video, music, photo and OS files onto the WD_Black SN770 Gen 4 NVMe SSD and copied the data to a new folder on that same disk.


Typically we might place our DRAM-less SSD True Data Testing with similar DRAM-less SSDs, however the WD_Black SN770 is just a bit different, bringing in quicker data transfers than some of the best SSDs out there.  Our DRAM-less comparison is below:



We thought we might add a few extras in our report today, PassMark Performance Test DiskMark component being a nice addition.  This software tests sequential reads and writes, along with IOPS and compares the result with millions of other SSDs worldwide.  We might suggest being in the 99th percentile of all SSDs tested was a nice result.



The Final Fantasy Benchmark is a new tool in our arsenal and geared specifically to the gamer.  The software is installed directly on the SSD and the SSD tested, providing and end result of FPS and scene transition times.


We had hoped for better game start times for the WD_Black SN770 but its predecessor seems to have bettered in that respect.



  1. blank

    Thanks for the test.

    So is the controller new? The one used in the WD850?
    Finally the BiCS5 nand! Can you disclose when you do the test of the upcoming WD850X?
    Will it be faster or slower? I guess the X means faster 😉

    Temperatures are nice indeed.
    Game loading shows that there is a flaw in performance. Due to the firmware? Maybe it can get better.
    The PCMark comparison is good, but as said on the test Cardea 440 Pro, your tests would benefit greatly with more real world testing instead of synthetic benchmarks.

    For this DRAM-cacheless ssd, I totally not know after what amount of GB the ssd starts to stumble and switch the pseudoCache from slc to mlc to tlc. That would be one of the important metrics to test for a dram-cacheless ssd I’d say, even when the target audience is a one that do not rank writing the whole disk in one sweep.
    What is the simultaneously mixed writing/reading-performance is,

  2. blank

    If you have an older computer that doesn’t have any SSD, this will make it fly. I did a 5-minute install on my Dell G5000 Desktop and all the hard work was taken off of me because everything just fell into place! It’s so easy with how straightforward these parts are – installation could not be easier either; there were no problems at all after following some quick YouTube videos I found online (link). And best yet? Price wise M2 from reliable manufacturers can give your tired machine new life by boosting performance like never before while still saving money in comparison to buying another one outright which saves cash over time too.

  3. blank

    I wanted to replace my old 128GB AData M.2 SATA system drive. The drive is plenty big enough but Passmark identified it as a huge bottleneck in my system (it is SATA after all).

    So, I found a 250GB WDB SN770 for $40CAD at Memory Express. I went into the store and the guy said that he had an even better deal for me.

    I managed to prevent my eyes from glazing over and, just to be polite, I allowed him to talk me up to a 500GB version (that was, for some reason, a faster drive) for just $5CAD more.

    They’re pretty good guys over there, eh? 😉

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