TeamGroup T-Create Classic Gen 4 SSD Review – Testing our New Z590 Gen 4 Test Bench


The TeamGroup T-Create should be released in the next bit and is a decent representation of a solid SSD that we might recommend.  Specific to Gen 4 SSDs, as we have seen in Gen 3 as well, there seems to be two groups that have been identified through the advance of SSD controllers.  This SSD uses the Phison E16 Gen 4 SSD controller which has a performance max of 5GB/s, whereas the new E18 has been seen to perform well above 7GB/s.  This in itself is a very significant bump and pretty much places the T-Create into a ‘value’ category, be it an excellent choice in SSDs.

It performs as expected at 5GB/s, has IOPS much higher than expected, as well as random 4K writes well above 300MB/s.  These writes should have translated into much better OS disk transfer in our True Data Testing, however was not observed.  On the other hand, we did see a performance increase right across the board with respect to performance…including through True Data testing.  Initial pricing found for the T-Create is very similar to other manufacturers using the same E16 controller, however we might suggest bringing it just a bit lower when considering that ones direct competition is the likes of Sabrent, Corsair, Patriot and Silicon Power.

Last but not least, there are advantages and disadvantages with having a permanently affixed metal heatsink on ones SSD, the disadvantage of course could be that it may not fit into systems that incorporate their own heatsink.  From a reviewers perspective, I have toasted two such SSDs trying carefully to remove that metal branding plate for full component shots of the SSD.  At the end of the day, either include a heatsink that can be removed as many do, or don’t have one at all.

That being said…decent performance, decent warranty, decent software that can be used on any SSD, and a price that we are sure may drop on release. Recommended.

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TeamGroup T-Create Gen4 NVMe SSD Ratings

Product Build
5-Year Warranty
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Speed and Warranty.

The TeamGroup T-Create is a decent performing mid-range Gen4 NVMe SSD with a 5-year warranty and decent price.

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