Micron 2550 DRAMless Gen4 Client SSD Review – The Worlds First 232-Layer NAND SSD Is A Game Changer


UL Solutions has created a new storage gaming benchmark that we will start to use as new SSDs come in.  The 3DMark Storage Benchmark DLC extends 3DMark Advanced Edition with a dedicated component test for measuring the gaming performance of SSDs and other storage hardware. It supports all the latest storage technologies and tests practical, real-world gaming performance for activities such as loading games, saving progress, installing game files, and recording gameplay video streams.

3DMark is a fairly new tool in our toolbox and we have only tested a few other drives to date.



I am sitting writing this report and all I can dream of is what we would see in a Micron PCIe 4.0 x 4 DRAM-based 8-channel SSD with this 232-layer TLC memory running full speed ahead at 2400MT/s.  Would it still be a viable power efficient and cool high speed solution?  Would it even have competition?  Ideas such as that speak so highly of what we have right here in front of us with the Micron 2550 1TB Client SSD today.


In fact, I have already ripped the back off my Dell Inspiron 5502 with 11th Gen Intel Core i7- 1165G7@2.8GHz and 32GB DDR4-3200 RAM and will be throwing the Micron 2550 in and be hopping a flight within hours of this report.  We are going to test it first hand long term in our media manipulation laptop.  This is what the first CDM speed test came back as…


Micron describes their client 2550 Gen4 SSD as being a business, consumer and gaming SSD that can deliver, not only power efficiency, but a cool running solution ideal for laptop and other small space solution use.  Can we see this in the PS5?  Yup.  Our sample went above listed specs to provide 5213MB/s read and 4760MB/s write with over a million IOPS.

It backed up every claim made of it by placing up there in 3DMark, PCMark 10 Full and Quick System testing as well as showing 4th best in our Final Fantasy Game Loading Benchmark.  To top that, surpassed all other DRAMless SSDs to date and even placed well ahead of several DRAM-based SSDs on our Real World File Comparison testing.  What does all this demonstrate?  Consistency and proven performance.


The only thing we might mention if we were to discuss improving the 2550 would be warranty.  We think this should be 5-years vice 3-years but, suffice it to say, we were very impressed with the Micron 2550 and at least I will be using it extensively almost immediately.  We are certain there will be a large demand when the 2550 comes out as a Crucial consumer branded SSD. Editor’s Choice!


Micron 2550 Client SSD Rating

Product Build
3-Year Warranty

Amazing Micron 232-layer NAND

The Micron 2550 is a client release Gen4 SSD available to oems in 256, 512 and 1TB capacities. It is capable of over 5GB/s throughput and 1 million IOPS, all the while having great mobile computing battery life with low temps.

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