Lexar Professional NM800 Pro SSD Review

Up on the Test Bench today we have the latest and greatest from Lexar, the Lexar Professional NM800 Pro NVMe SSD.  This SSD has a very compact heatsink which makes it the perfect addition to a Sony Playstation 5 gaming system.  Let’s add to that the fact that the makeup of this SSD isn’t your run of the mill copycat design.  For starters, the controller for this SSD is the Innogrit Ranier NVMe 8-channel controller.  We had previously seen this in the Plextor M10P NVMe SSD which, albeit it extremely hard to come by, remains to be one of the best Gen 4 SSDs we have tested to date.  That’s a good thing.

The Lexar Professional NM800 Pro is a PCIe 4.0 form factor 2280 M.2 SSD which is available in three capacities, 512GB, 1 and 2TB.  This SSD is available with or without the compact and very attractive heatsink and performance is listed at 7500MB/s read for all capacities with 6500MB/s write for the 2TB model, 6300MB/s write for the 1TB and a significant drop to 3500MB/s write for the 512GB capacity.

The NM800 Pro is a Gen 4 x4 (4-lane) SSD that uses the latest NVMe 1.4 protocol and speaks to endurance expectations of 2000 TBW (Terabytes Written) for the 2TB, 1000TBW for the 1TB and 500TBW for the 512GB capacity.  This SSD comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

The NM800 Pro SSD is set into the heatsink with a thermal pad on each side that fits into the heatsink two piece design with two Philips micro-screws on either side of the heatsink.

Removing the branding sticker and examining the PCB (printed circuit board), we get a better look at the Innogrit Ranier 12nm G5236 8-channel NVMe SSD.  To its right we have a DRAM buffer chip followed by two pieces of unmarked 3D TLC 176-layer NAND flash memory, each piece having a RAW value of 1TB.  This is a single-sided SSD and we might bet that this is one of those rare times we are actually getting to test NAND flash memory manufactured by Longsys, Lexar’s parent company.

Checking Amazon, we see the NM800 Pro listed with heatsink at a price of $89.99 (512GB), $129.99 (1TB) and $229.99 (2TB).  The non-heatsink version is typically 10-$15 cheaper.

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