MyDigitalSSD BP4e mSATA SSD Review (512 GB) – Value Driven mSATA SSD & Gorgeous mSATA Enclosure


The MyDigitalSSD Bullet Proof 4 Eco mSATA drive is definitely a fantastic option for those who are looking for a cheap upgrade to the system, whether than be to a ultra book or a mini pc. We knew from the get-go that we weren’t expecting blazing speeds that would knock us off our chair. We were expecting to see lower throughput, but with the understanding that this is what is being paid for. Our original thoughts were to expect to see asynchronous NAND, however from our testing it appears as though the root source of the lower transfer speeds are the Phison S8 controller, and possibly its firmware. The difference between incompressible and random test data was not significant enough for us to definitely say that we are dealing with asynchronous NAND.

The most understanding we need to have is that this SSD provides typical SSD performance at a great value point.  99.9% of the population could never differentiate between this and the best SSD in ‘typical user scenarios’.


It is difficult to say whether the UASP compliant mSATA enclosure’s transfer speeds were inhibited by the BP4e mSATA drive or whether it was the enclosure itself. Regardless, the enclosure did provide us with some pretty consistent transfer speeds, which we would feel completely comfortable cloning our main OS storage device to any mSATA SSD within this enclosure. This is definitely a great option for anyone preparing to make the switch from a hard drive to a SSD, as it would make upgrading pretty much painless. On top of that, the enclosure is ridiculously small and has a sleek look about it as well.


When push comes to shove, if you are looking for a cheap upgrade to any system, using MyDigitalSSD’s BP4e mSATA SSD and the BP4 UASP compliant mSATA enclosure are to great options, especially considering the BP4 is valued at only $14.99. Really, how can you go wrong for $15?! It’s for ths excellent value of both the mSATA SSD and the enclosure that we are awarding MyDigitalSSD with our Top Value award.

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Good Value mSATA SSD

The MyDigitalSSD Bullet Proof 4 Eco just met our expectations in terms of performance, however the price tag was spot on considering how it performed. The UASP mSATA enclosure also caught are eye and can be purchased for a steal!

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