MyDigitalSSD BP4e mSATA SSD Review (512 GB) – Value Driven mSATA SSD & Gorgeous mSATA Enclosure


AS SSD Benchmark uses incompressible data in their testing of SSDs, essentially providing results that would be consistent with using the heaviest workload, thus lower speeds are expected. Transfer speeds (MB/s) are seen in the left picture below and IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) are on the right.

MyDigitalSSD BP4e Test-7 MyDigitalSSD BP4e Test-6

This is why we love to test with multiple benchmarks. After seeing some lower than expected scores with Crystal Disk Mark, our jump over to AS SSD shows us an incredible 501 MB/s read benchmark. The write speeds did come in a bit lower than expected though.

Another positiive feature of AS SSD is the Copy Benchmark test, this allows us to see the transfer speeds of various tasks such as ISO, Program and Game transfers.

MyDigitalSSD BP4e Test-8

Compared to the results we saw in Crystal Disk Mark, this is definitely a jump from what were expecting to see, and actually rather decent scores from what we expected in general (especially with the 429 MB/s transfer rate for Game).


Anvil Storage Utilities is essentially an all-in-one tool for all of your SSD benchmarking needs. Anvil can be used for basic consumer testing, as well as endurance testing and threaded I/O read, write and mixed tests. It displays data regarding the SSD, and even about your system

MyDigitalSSD BP4e Test-9

The BP4e returns with another stellar read performance with ASU, as we can see the 512 MB/s speed. The write speed was a little deflating though, as we were hoping for a just a bit higher. The overall score by the mSATA SSD is 2167, which is very fair from what we have witnessed so far with the MyDigitialSSD mSATA drive.


Technology X uses benchmark software called PCMark Vantage x64 HDD Suite to create testing scenarios that might be used in the typical user experience. There are eight tests in all and the tests performed record the speed of data movement in MB/s to which they are then given a numerical score after all of the tests are complete. The simulations are as follows:

  • Windows Defender In Use
  • Streaming Data from storage in games such as Alan Wake which allows for massive worlds and riveting non-stop action
  • Importing digital photos into Windows Photo Gallery
  • Starting the Vista Operating System
  • Home Video editing with Movie Maker which can be very time-consuming
  • Media Center which can handle video recording, time shifting and streaming from Windows media center to an extender such as Xbox
  • Cataloging a music library
  • Starting applications


The MyDigitalSSD BP4e mSATA achieved a total score of 55349, which again is a very fair score. Out of all the benchmark tests ran throughout the HDD suite of PCMark Vantage, the highest transfer speed recorded was 376MB/s when video editing in Windows Media Center.

MyDigitalSSD BP4e Test-2

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