MyDigitalSSD BP4 mSATA SSD Review (240GB) – Best Value Available For an SSD To Date


For a potential buyer who may come across MyDigitalSSD products online, there is obviously the question of company background and reputation.  MyDigitalSSD doesn’t have the benefit of recognized reputation by name such as Samsung, Crucial or Intel do and, most obviously, they also don’t have specific engineering expertise in place to develop SSDs.  Nevertheless, they have branded SSDs in their name and have distributed them for a few years now and two things have become very apparent.

Matt Dawson and MyDigitalSSD believe that quality SSD marketing should be tied into great company support and, just as importantly, they have recognized that there is a disconnect between quality SSDs and value and strive to market the best SSD available for the money. In this, they have succeeded beyond their expectations and an excellent example of this was the MyDigitalSSD SMART mSATA SSD that was a clone of the ADATA SX300.  MyDigitalSSD sold there version at a better price than ADATA did the SX300.

BP4 Angled

Today, we analysed and did a background check on the newly released MyDigitalSSD BP4 and much the same can be said once again.  The MyDigitalSSD BP4 is the best value we can find for an SSD on the market today and its price point is such that it will attract customers who just may not have been there with a higher pricing model.  Where we once learned of David and Goliath, today we see value (and reputation) allowing smaller companies like MyDigitalSSD to succeed and grow against those monster names we know so well.

Performance of the BP4 is on par (and then some) for a mid-level mSATA SSD and we were impressed, as much with the high sequential read performance (which was consistent through all benchmarks) as we were with compressible data testing as a whole.  As much as we are dissappointed in the low IOPS performance seen in both AS SSD and Anvil benchmarks, we are very happy to see those all important low 4k random write scores higher than they were in the BP3.

Extra 2

 The MyDigitalSSD was built as a mid to high level mSATA SSD for the typical consumer and its pricing makes it a ‘no brainer’ when considering whether we would consider this mSATA SSD for our readers.  We will actually go one better by letting you know that the BP4 has already been installed in one of our many ultras and we are confident that it will, not only provide that extra capacity but also, display excellent performance as well.

The MyDigitalSSD BP4 mSATA SSD has been recognized with our value award.

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  1. The 60GB model sounds very nice as an Intel SRT drive on my Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H.

  2. How come your CrystalDiskMark 3.0 results vary so much from what is advertised on MyDigitalSSD for the 240GB BP4, in particular your 4K write of 74.55 is only 54.36 on MyDigitalSSD?

  3. It still looks like Crucial CT256M4SSD3 256GB m4 makes better choice though. At leaset with amazon UK prices – I see it is more expensive in US, lol.

  4. is the 120gb much slower? what would be an estimate % of performance loss? thanks

  5. Typo. . .”MyDigitalSSD sold there version at a better price than ADATA did the SX300.”

    “sold their” ??

    Any chance you recorded the bytes per sector? if we’re coming from a 512 and this is a 4k, we can’t clone. 🙁

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