Corsair MP600 Gen 4 NVME SSD Review (1TB) – 5GB/s and 700+K IOPS


For our Real World File Transfer Comparison of the world’s top M.2 NVMe SSDs, we have included nine of the top Gen 3 SSDs tested to date, along with the Gen 4 Corsair MP600. This test is conducted through the transfer of data from one spot on the test drive to another to give us the truest of transfer speed results for that device.

The MP600 squeaked by the Gen 3 Samsung 970 Pro for top spot but it could be argued that either could take that spot, as their results are so close.  From my perspective, I had hoped to see a significant difference in data transfer speed from the MP600 here.


The Corsair MP600 Gen 4 NVMe SSD is the one of the first Gen 4 SSD available to consumers and Corsair deserves a great deal of credit in marketing this Gen 4 product well ahead of many of its competitors.  Credit also has to go to Phison who made this E16 Gen4 controller available long before any other in the industry.  This SSD plays a large part in moving the flash industry forward.


Manufacturers has been working in PCIe 4.0 behind the scenes for some time and one of the challenges that was identified right off was the massive heat that accompanied transfer speeds of 5GB/s, especially when we are looking at marketing a M.2 SSD the size of a stick of gum.  Corsair made a smart move including the heatsink, and just as importantly, it is great to see manufacturers such as ASRock that have incorporated both passive and active cooling solutions into their motherboards.  This picture shows the two Hyper M.2 slots on our ASRock X570 Creator motherboard with the heatsink removed.


Both of these have the M.2 SSD in contact with conducive thermal tape which dissipates the heat to the think aluminum heatsink, but more importantly, the lower of the two has air routed from the fan and around the SSD before being pushed out the left side.


The Corsair MP600 gen 4 NVMe SSD comes has speeds above 5GB/s with both read and write IOPS over 700k, a great five year warranty and pricing comparable to just about any SSD where one would have thought they would price it much higher.

Great job Corsair!

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Corsair MP600 Gen 4 SSD Ratings

Product Build
5 Year Warranty
Availability and pricing


The Corsair MP600 Gen 4 has it all; speed, incredible pricing and warranty. This is an excellent upgrade for the media professional and consumer enthusiast alike.

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    Was the testing done in the CPU native NVMe port or the PCH connected NVMe port?

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    Really what a nice product combination of all aspects required for a small technical component are featured in it in a well defined manner hats off for it.

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    Review of these devices help to mention their capacity and power to use all the various set of features are discussed and covered under it.

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    I t will be nice when there are more MPCIe 4.0 (Gen 4) NVMe SSD controllers other than the Phison with its PSE5016-E16. I have a feeling there is much more potential with the Gen 4 SSDs that we will see, hopefully in the very dear future, as everyone should already have their controllers out and being used, as they’ve had more than enough time for product development.
    In any case, I’m anxiously awaiting many more reviews of Gen 4 SSDs.
    Thanks, Les

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    I want to use this drive as a Windows boot drive but ALSO run a couple virtual machines on the same drive. Will WIndows performance suffer while the VMs are running?

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    Can I use this drive in a PCIe Gen3 mobo?

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      As a PCIe 4.0 SSD, the MP600 delivers incredible storage performance, and is fully backwards compatible with current PCIe 3.0 platforms. It is equipped with a high surface area aluminum heatsink, helping to maintain its performance even under heavy load.

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