Angelbird SSD wrk SSD Review (512GB) – Workmanship, Speed and Value


Looking back over the SSDs that contain the SM2246EN controller, we have taken alot of heat qualifying this controller as a ‘value-driven’ and ‘mid-tier’ product. In considering its write performance within the Corsair and PNY SSDs, I don’t know how we could qualify it as being anything but.  We then took a look at the ADATA SP610 with this very same controller, performance which pretty much matched our report today where the incompressible data write speeds jumped significantly.  In fact, the highest we saw in our first two reports was right around 300MB/s for high sequential writes, where they are now above 440MB/s for the ADATA and the Angelbird.  Considering that the first two were 256GB capacities and the latter 512GB capacities, this might also be something we should look at.

Angelbird SSD2Go 521GB SSD Front Angle

Regardless, the controller has matured, is now a very strong contender with other SSDs and it also carries the distinct benefit of having been priced very well, providing excellent value for a very strong SSD.  It now makes sense why Angelbird, a company that has traditionally relied on only the best, believed that the value/performance mix of this controller would be a home run within their products; and it does.  The Angelbird SSD wrk brings forward superior build, performance and value in an SSD.  The question that arises, however, is how this will place in a ‘dog-eat-dog’ market where NAND flash manufacturers are able to put out similar products at better value points, simply because their SSDs are built on their own controller, NAND flash memory, and even DRAM cache.

The Angelbird SSD wrk has earned our Gold Seal and would make an excellent addition to any PC!

TSSDR Gold Seal Opt

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  1. Considering you can get 256GB 850pro for a bit more, you would have to be MAD to buy this for 10$ less.
    And with samsung you get 10 YEAR warranty, much better endruance, much better controller and overall everything manufactured by samsung. Yeah, they need to really cut that price or this is not gonna sell well. I would figure 50-10$ more than competing SM based drives should be plenty, since it has a nicer case.

    But still, fancy looks just don’t cut it. Afterall, this is gonna sit tucked away in a case, so it doesnt really matter anyway.

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