ADATA SP610 SSD Review (512GB) – Decent Speeds and a Wicked Price Point!


ADATA may have just struck gold with their implementation of the SMI SM2246EN controller.  As much as we would like to have seen an eight channel controller, or even high sequential write speeds above the 500MB/s mark, the truth is that the typical consumer would most likely never have use for either in their everyday use.  After all, we are marketing this SSD as a typical consumer SSD and, from how it has performed in our benchmark testing, it shows itself as a very strong SSD.

ADATA SP610 SSD Controller

Actually, it is probably the strongest four channel SSD that we have seen to date…when looking at higher capacities and the 4k compressible transfer speeds.  The thing to keep in mind, of course, is that we are speaking of the 512GB capacity we are testing, or even the 1TB size.  Regardless of price, 128 and 256GB capacities have much lower write transfer speeds.


ADATA has done equally well in their price point where the SP610 is under 0.50/GB, bringing the 1TB SP610 as low as $470.  That is an amazing price point for anyone that needs the performance and the capacity, not to mention a healthy 3 year warranty and complete migration hardware, software and instructions as well.  This just may be the perfect SSD for that person walking the fence and needing the complete migration tool for their transition.

In consideration of ADATA’s overall package contents, the performance we were able to gain from the SP610, and the incredible price point, we are awarding the SP610 with our Gold Seal.  We definitely recommend this SSD.

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The ADATA SP610 SATA 3 SSD just may be the best SSD available for the consumer who is considering the HDD/SSD switch. Not only does it contain all the hardware, software and instructions for migrating from a hard drive, but also, performance is great and the price is unbeatable!

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  1. blank

    This looks like a pretty great drive for budget buyers. But this is currently priced pretty badly in europe (almost 20€ more than mx100) so i see no reason to buy one.

    This needs to get cheaper than competition and with added 1TB capacity (mx100 only goes up to 512GB) this would make a great buy. Otherwise, this will not sell well.

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