ADATA SP610 SSD Review (512GB) – Decent Speeds and a Wicked Price Point!


ATTO Disk Benchmark is perhaps one of the oldest benchmarks going and is definitely the main staple for manufacturer performance specifications. ATTO uses RAW or compressible data and, for our benchmarks, we use a set length of 256mb and test both the read and write performance of various transfer sizes ranging from 0.5 to 8192kb. Manufacturers prefer this method of testing as it deals with raw (compressible) data rather than random (includes incompressible data) which, although more realistic, results in lower performance results.

ADATA SP610 ATTO Disk BenchMark

This ATTO matched specifications very closely but we would like you to take a look at the 4K result.  This is a very strong result that is not too common in many SATA 3 SSDs, in that, both of the read and write speeds are typically SATA 3 results.  Looking at this benchmark, if we were to be given a choice between these higher 4K speeds or a higher high sequential write speed above the 446MB/s that we see, we’d go for the 4K.


Crystal Disk Benchmark is used to measure read and write performance through sampling of highly compressible data (oFill/1Fill), or random data which is, for the most part, incompressible. Performance is virtually identical, regardless of data sample so we have included only that using random data samples.

ADATA SP610 Crystal DiskMark

Once again we are seeing very good numbers all around from the ADATA SP610, although these speeds won’t be achieved in a fresh build without optimization.  These scores are the best we could possibly hope for.


The toughest benchmark available for solid state drives is AS SSD as it relies solely on incompressible data samples when testing performance.  For the most part, AS SSD tests can be considered the ‘worst case scenario’ in obtaining data transfer speeds and many enthusiasts like AS SSD for their needs. Transfer speeds are displayed on the left with IOPS results on the right.

ADATA SP610 ATTO AS SSD BenchADATA SP610 ATTO AS SSD IOPSOnce again, we are seeing decent throughput performance and, for the first time, we can see that IOPS aren’t really that far off the mark.  This SSD isn’t far away from being consider an upper-tier SSD.


AS SSD Copy Bench is a very straightforward ‘true to life’ benchmark where three files are moved from one part of the SSD to another, the end result being the maximum speed in that transfer, as well as the time it takes to move that file.  Although the movement of the Program was a bit slow, that of the ISO and Game are excellent results.

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    This looks like a pretty great drive for budget buyers. But this is currently priced pretty badly in europe (almost 20€ more than mx100) so i see no reason to buy one.

    This needs to get cheaper than competition and with added 1TB capacity (mx100 only goes up to 512GB) this would make a great buy. Otherwise, this will not sell well.

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