HighPoint Rocketstor 5322 Dual eSATA 6Gbps Dock Review – True SSD Speed through an External Dock


 When HighPoint challenged our benchmark comparisons of SSDs plugged directly into the computer versus the same SSDs situated in their RocketStor 5322 configuration, we didn’t think they stood a chance.  After all, with the previous bottlenecks seen with external docks, HighPoints combination of hardware and the fact that a different storage driver was in use, we were sure that there was no way their equipment could provide performance so exact that we could use the RocketStor Dock in our benchmark testing.  We were wrong.

Considering that the HighPoint RocketStor 5322 is the worlds first dual eSATA storage dock and each port was capable of SATA 3 speeds, there was the trick of eliminating a bottle neck into the system itself.  Through use of their own Mini-SATA to 4-Port connector and connecting to the HighPoint RocketRAID 2711, we had two SSDs performing at top speed through two independent connections.  Only then, through configuration with HighPoint’s RAID Management GUI, were we able to create a RAID volume with both drives performing at full capacity.  If you think about it, we would be in a great position to come close to 2GB/s transfer speeds if HighPoint were to send along yet another RocketStor 5322 Storage Dock (HINT, HINT).  A four drive RAID array through two external docks just seems to good to be true doesn’t it?

HighPoint Rocketstor 5322 Closer

The next concern would be pricing as the Dock, cable and Host Adapter would appear to run at a very high price.  Would you believe us if we told you that this configuration could be purchase at well under $500?  A quick check of Amazon shows the Highpoint RocketStor 5322 at $119.99, cabling at $41.99 and the HighPoint RocketRAID 2711 at $159.99.

At the end of the day, HighPoint was successful in assisting us with our testing and credit where credit is due.  Their hardware is solid and achieves what they said it would, all the while being affordable.  Editor’s Choice!

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  1. This is AWESOME! I’ve been an SSD freak ever since the X25-M G1 and I currently run two 240GB Intel 520 Series SSD’s in RAID 0 in a late-2012 Mac mini. I’m getting 850MB/s reads and just under 500MB/s writes using the Blackmagic speed test utility. Is there a way to get this to work with Macs? Through a Thunderbolt port perhaps?

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