HighPoint Rocketstor 5322 Dual eSATA 6Gbps Dock Review – True SSD Speed through an External Dock


Crystal Disk Benchmark is used to measure read and write performance through sampling of highly compressible data (oFill/1Fill), or random data which is, for the most part, incompressible. For our purposes, we will be testing with random or highly incompressible data with this benchmark.

Samsung 512GBx2 RAID0 CDM

Performance of the Samsung RAID array is great, although we would like to have seen a higher low 4k random write transfer speed.  As mentioned earlier, this may have been possible with the ability to fine tune the configuration.


Up until recently, AS SSD was the only benchmark created specifically for SSD testing and it uses incompressible data.  AS SSD, for the most part, gives us the ‘worst case scenario’ in SSD transfer speeds because of its use of incompressible data and many enthusiasts like to AS SSD for their needs. Transfer speeds are displayed on the left with IOPS results on the right.

Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD RAID 0 AS SSD BenchSamsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD RAID 0 AS SSD RAID Copy Bench IOPSThe highlight of AS SSD testing is definitely the Score of 1534 along with high 4k read and write IOPS of 127241 and 119921.  AS SSD also allows us to identify that the HighPoint storage driver is in use, rather than Intel.

Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD RAID 0 AS SSD RAID Copy Bench

The AS SSD Copy Bench result is probably the most ‘true to life’ synthetic benchmark we have and, if anyone were to doubt the effect of an SSD RAID array, this should assist. The Copy Benchmark simply creates .ISO, Program and Game files and moves them from one spot on the drive to another.  To envision a game being transfered in just under 2 seconds is amazing.


You may not see this for long (and its definitely not common) but you get a freebee simply for reading!  Over the last little while, we have been assisting with beta testing new benchmark software called Anvil Storage Utilities which is an absolutely amazing SSD benchmarking utility.  Not only does it have a preset SSD benchmark, but also, it has included such things as endurance testing and threaded I/O read, write and mixed tests, all of which are very simple to understand and utilize in our benchmark testing.

Anvil Samsung RAID 0

Although Anvil Storage Utilities confirms what we have seen thus far, we wanted to include it as the identification of the RAID array, and storage driver, are visible in the lower right corner.  For some reason, Crystal Diskmark Info didn’t recognize our RAID volume.


  1. This is AWESOME! I’ve been an SSD freak ever since the X25-M G1 and I currently run two 240GB Intel 520 Series SSD’s in RAID 0 in a late-2012 Mac mini. I’m getting 850MB/s reads and just under 500MB/s writes using the Blackmagic speed test utility. Is there a way to get this to work with Macs? Through a Thunderbolt port perhaps?

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