HighPoint Rocketstor 5322 Dual eSATA 6Gbps Dock Review – True SSD Speed through an External Dock


The HighPoint configuration shown in this report has been incorporated into The TSSDR Test Bench. Watch soon as you just may see it make it’s debut on an upcoming SSD review.  This is a look at the RocketRAID 2711 at work in our system:

Highpoint RocketRAID 2711 Installed

In testing, our main objective is to obtain results as pure and as accurate as possible and we want to ensure that no anomalies slip through. Simply put, we want to provide you with the absolute best results the tested hardware can provide. Repetition in testing is standard and, if necessary, we may conduct specific tests in Windows 7 ‘safe mode’ to ensure the OS has little to no influence on the end result.

Test Bench

In order to validate and confirm our findings, testing is supported by industry accepted benchmark programs. All results are displayed through capture of the actual benchmark for better understanding of the testing process by the reader.

TSSDR Test Bench Details

We would like to thank ASUS (P8Z77-V Premium), Intel (Core i7-3770K), Crucial (Ballistix), Corsair (H100) and Be Quiet (PSU/Fans) for supporting the build of our Z77 Premium Test Bench. In addition, we would also like to thank HighPoint for their contribution of the RocketStor 5322, RocketRAID 2711 and their External Mini-SAS to Esata cabling.  Through this configuration we are able to benchmark all notebook and mSATA SSDs, whereby achieving identical performance as a direct system connection, yet we simply hot swap from the external storage dock.


Our ATTO testing for a well seasoned 840 Pro was right where we expected it to be and, more importantly, both tests were identical in comparing the result through the HighPoint configuration with that of the SSD being connected to the system directly.  We ran this SSD through our typical battery of tests, including PCMark Vantage and we are happy to report that there were no deviations between the two.

Samsung 840 pro 512GB SSD


  1. This is AWESOME! I’ve been an SSD freak ever since the X25-M G1 and I currently run two 240GB Intel 520 Series SSD’s in RAID 0 in a late-2012 Mac mini. I’m getting 850MB/s reads and just under 500MB/s writes using the Blackmagic speed test utility. Is there a way to get this to work with Macs? Through a Thunderbolt port perhaps?

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