Building The New Z170 TSSDR Test Bench


Admittedly, the Corsair K65 Gaming RGB Laser Mouse came to our attention in finding a match for our graphite white chassis, but what a find…  This mouse has a 8200 DPI laser sensor, 3-zone 16.8M color lighting, 8 fully programmable buttons, along with an aluminum unibody design and 3 base screws for adjusting the feel to just your liking.

Corsair K65 Gaming RGB Laser Mouse

This mouse is the best we have ever used and can be found at Amazon for just under $60blank.


We will be testing NVMe SSDs extensively in our new Test Bench, and in fact, stay tuned to our RAID report of the new Intel 750 Series NVMe SFF SSDs soon enough.  Our base SSD for this system is the Intel 750 Series 1.2GB PCIe SSD that we reviewed just a short time ago.


Not only was this the first consumer NVMe SSD on the block, but also, it still demonstrates great performance after continuous use.

Intel NVMe 750 AS SSD Benchmark

Transfer speeds of 2.2GB/s and 370K IOPS are a great start for the consumer SSD  world.


Stay tuned in the next few days to see the new TSSDR Test Bench put into play first hand.  Our sincere thanks have to go once again to ASRock, Corsair and PNY for supporting this venture, this bench being the one of our best to date.  Feel free to comment with your thoughts or ideas on how we might improve this Test bench in the future.



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  1. blank

    Feverish to see the 950 M.2s under sustained IPS.

  2. blank

    FYI, Crucial has the 16GBx2 DDR4 UDIMM kit for $290. Easy way to max the RAM at 64GB. I’m looking at the same mobo and SSDs for a high speed VMware virtualization platform.

    • blank

      We have requested this memory for test purposes and I cannot speak highly enough with respect to the motherboard…just finished doing some testing with 3 NVMe M2 SSDs as a matter of fact… 3GB/s read and write. wit 0 footprint…stay tuned for an article.

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