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Building The New Z170 TSSDR Test Bench

There is no question that 2015 will be the year of NVMe and we are about to see storage performance increase like it never before has.  Where yesterday several SAS enterprise SSDs would be necessary to reach 5GB/s transfer speed, it is now possible with a single SSD with the inevitability of 1 million IOPS becoming a common performance variable …

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Xigmatek Pantheon Full Tower Case Review @Hi Tech Legion

One name derived from Roman culture is the Xigmatek Pantheon. The name “Pantheon” is actually a temple in Rome that is dedicated to the Roman Gods. In this instance, it is a rather impressive computer chassis. The Pantheon is a full tower that supports both mATX and standard ATX motherboards. Built into the Pantheon is a fan controller that features …

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Real World Labs And Antec Joint Contest @ RWLABS

August people, perhaps the hottest month of the year and certainly the month of the year when most people leave their homes to go on their much awaited vacations. I too am one of those people but before I go I have in store two great contests/giveaways for you all with almost USD800/700E in prizes. The first of these two …

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