Building The New Z170 TSSDR Test Bench


The Corsair Hydro Series H110i GTX Liquid CPU Cooler is constructed of a massive 280mm radiator which houses two SP140L fans for the low temperatures needed in overclocking with almost complete silence.

Corsair Hydro Series H110i GTX Liquid CPU

The H110i has an improved cold plate and pump design and, where we might experience minor air bubble noise in previous liquid coolers, this one is silent.  A quick check of Amazon shows the H110i GTX at $140blank with 4.5 stars in over 1500 reviews.


Admittedly, our all time favorite case has been the In-Win D-Frame but that just may change with the Corsair Graphite White 760T Full Tower and Full Window Chassis.  Not only has it one of the nicest full side windows for system viewing, but also, it includes three AF140L fans and the panels on both sides swivel open or closed, and can also be removed.

TSSDR Z170 Corsair Test Bench On Desk

The simple fact that the side panels DO NOT slide into place is probably one of the best ideas any chassis manufacturer could have.  We are certain that there is not a system builder  that hasn’t experienced the frustration of trying to slide the back panel into place over the bulky cabling.

Corsair 760T Graphite White Full Tower Chassis Open Side

It is a stunning chassis and can be found on Amazon for just under $200blank.It is yet another 5-star customer reviewed item.


The Vengeance K70 has cherry MX mechanical switches, red LEDs which can be adjusted or turned off and is built of a black brushed aluminum and comes with a very soft attachable wrist rest.

Corsair Vengeance K70 MX Red Gaming Keyboard

In addition, specific keys can be switched to the red gaming keys which are contoured and have a great tactile feel to them.  This is amazing gaming keyboard but we are still looking for that silent keyboard to match this system.  Could Corsair have something on the horizon?

Corsair K70 Keyboard K65 Mouse

The Vengeance K70 is is priced at $140 at Amazonblank.


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    Feverish to see the 950 M.2s under sustained IPS.

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    FYI, Crucial has the 16GBx2 DDR4 UDIMM kit for $290. Easy way to max the RAM at 64GB. I’m looking at the same mobo and SSDs for a high speed VMware virtualization platform.

    • blank

      We have requested this memory for test purposes and I cannot speak highly enough with respect to the motherboard…just finished doing some testing with 3 NVMe M2 SSDs as a matter of fact… 3GB/s read and write. wit 0 footprint…stay tuned for an article.

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