STEC ZeusIOPS SSDs Integrated Into Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Enterprise Storage Systems

STEC and Fujitsu have announced today that the ZeusIOPS series of SSDs has been integrated into the Fujitsu ETERNUS Systems. These ultra high performance disk systems also include the top of the line ETERNUS DX8700 S2 storage system.

This integration will support multiple open system environments and virtualized infrastructures. This news comes right on the heels of the latest STEC ZeusIOPS product announcement, so they certainly are moving quickly!

Getting integrated into enterprise class storage systems right from the beginning will allow for this class of devices to gain widespread acceptance quickly. STEC is a major player in the SSD field, and their further expansion is certainly going to bring about tougher competition from other enterprise class SSD vendors, such as SanDisk ESS.

“Our new ETERNUS DX8700 S2 rewrites the rules by making the leap from a monolithic to modular architecture, and in combination with STEC’s ZeusIOPS SSDs, provides mission-critical levels of reliability and performance demanded by the enterprise, without unnecessary expenses or additional upfront investments,” said Yasuhito Arikawa, General Manager of Storage Systems Division, Storage Systems Unit at Fujitsu. “By offering STEC’s industry-leading ZeusIOPS SSDs across the entire ETERNUS DX Series, IT professionals working with SAN, DAS or NAS configurations are afforded the benefits of superior performance, reliability and endurance, while reducing power consumption in their implementation of SSDs.”


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