G-Technology G DRIVE mobile PRO SSD (1TB) Review


As of right now, the only competition in the world for the G-Technology G Drive mobile Pro TB3 SSD is the Tekq and, well…right now…we cannot get it anywhere.  That could mean either it didn’t have the popularity it expected or…they just can’t keep them in stock.  So, we ask ourselves…. Can we see the G Drive mobile Pro SSD being a ‘must have’ item for the media professional?  The photographer who is always on the go?  Video transfer and media work?  Absolutely. We believe it is a vital tool for the media professional and I am saying this as someone who has his TB3 portable with him always.

The G-Technology G DRIVE mobile PRO TB3 SSD is the most powerful bus driven portable TB3 solution available in the world right now and its performance in our testing is off the charts. 2.8GB/s read.  2.5GB/s write. 422,000 IOPS read.  404,913 IOPS write.  That is not only impressive but we think it will be top dog in single solution TB3 performance for quite some time.  The only hiccup of course is, at 4.4″ long x 3.15″ wide x .67″ thick, this device could stop a bullet, be it small enough to stop that bullet in your shirt pocket though.

Pricing right now at Amazon is $999 for the 1TB capacity and $599 for the 500GB capacity which is a bit high.  It is actually rather niche in pricing and we might like to see this come down just a bit, but it does come with a five year warranty as well.  This is nothing to scoff at if, like I, you believe that a companies trust in their product is reflective of the warranty.  In any case…. a well deserved Editors Choice!

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G-Tech G DRIVE mobile PRO SSD Ratings

G Drive Build and Appearance
Ease of Use/Plug and Play

Great Warranty and Speedy.

The G-Tech G Drive is absolutely the fastest portable storage device on the market right now. Add to that a five year warranty and this SSD fills a much needed void with media professionals today.

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    How you do thinking third party SSDs like Intel’s 2TB 660p will work with the G-Drive mobile Pro enclosure?

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