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Silicon Power Extreme E25 128GB Review

Earlier this year, Silicon Power introduced their newest members of the Extreme family, the E25 series of solid-state drives. The new E25 line is a bump up from the year-old E20 models, and more than likely flew under the radar for a vast majority of readers. It was announced close to CES 2012 and released just a few months after, …

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KingMax Announces 1TB SATA II SSD Capacities

Kingmax has announced the release of their new SSD line which carries SSD capacities from 32GB all the way to 1TB. Capacities of 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1TB will be available and these SSDs are SATA II and are accompanied by a Kingmax 3 year warranty. ECC, TRIM, NCQ and TRIM are supported and performance for these SSDs …

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Memoright Unveils 2.5” GTR II series SLC SSD

The Latest Ruggedized SSD Innovation Offers Utmost Performance and Reliability for Industrial and Military applications. Taipei, Taiwan, 21 Feb 2011 Memoright, a Taiwan-based company dedicated to technological development and integration for SSDs (solid-state drives) and high-end storage equipment, announces the launch of the second generation industrial & military grade ruggedized GTR II SLC SSD. Memoright brings the best performance ruggedized …

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RunCore ProV 240GB SSD Review – Better Than RAID 0!

One of the most frequent questions we receive with respect to SSD performance is whether the SSD can perform better than a RAID 0 configuration. We have never seen a single SATA 2.0 SSD perform better than any combinations of SSDs in RAID 0, at least not until we started testing the RunCore Pro V and ran a side by side …

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Super Talent 16GB VSSD Solid State Drive Review

A few weeks ago, The SSD Review scored the webs first review of a newly announced ‘super capacity’ SSD by Super Talent, the Ultra MX 480GB SSD. What we failed to mention was that we had to make a bit of a ‘deal with the devil‘ in order to grab that internet exclusive, the devil being Super Talents Director of Marketing Peter …

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